Monday, March 13, 2017

February 2017 In Our Home

They fill my heart with so much joy!

     Now that I'm no longer pregnant, I'm able to see more clearly the toll that was taken on the children. I struggled with exhaustion and tensions were often so high. I was less patient, less teaching, less loving towards the children. Now on the other side, I feel as though it's going to take some time to make up for mistakes (ie yelling and stressing way too much). 
      I need to learn new understandings and approaches regarding parenting and the children's unique personalities. I picked up a few books that may be helpful: *Positive Parenting, *The Strong and Sensitive Boy, and *Raising Your Spirited Child. While I may not agree with or implement every nugget of information or suggestion put forth in parenting books, I do find them very valuable. It's so important to me to be continuously learning and growing in my roles. In order to do that, I need to seek out resources that will teach and encourage me. 

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Tot Schooling-
     We've taken a total pause on tiny tot school and tot school while we adjust to a new member of our family and then host extended family for a week. We'll pick it back up when it becomes clearer how our days will look now that we have three little ones. 

He's Here!
     The main event of this month has been the arrival of our newest baby! It was quite the whirlwind and surprising delivery. The next two weeks were spent resting, recovering and adjusting to our new family dynamics. It was absolutely wonderful to have that time. It was also a dream to have gotten that much time with David and with our family all together. Although the days have been rather stressful and chaotic while we figure out a new norm., I'm completely in love with our family of five. I'm so grateful for God seeing fit to grow our family. 

     My goal of publishing one new blog post each week and one social media post each day has collapsed. I thoroughly enjoy this space as my outlet for expression. It would be nice to maintain one personal interest/hobby. However, with the birth of our third child I'm realizing that those goals may not be feasible at this time. There is simply very little opportunity to be attentive to anything beyond caring for the home and children. It won't always be that way, but for now I must acknowledge that it is. I will continue to jot down post ideas and outlines in my notebook with the hopes of they one day becoming blog post. A daily or weekly deadline for publishing posts, however, will simply have to be let go of for now. I'll simply publish what I can, when I can. There are seasons in life, and that's a lesson I'm needing to really grasp presently. 

2017 Garden
 The arrival of a new baby is a perfect time to take on a big project, right? We've dreamed about a backyard raised bed garden for many, many years. We made plans and saved up the money to make that dream a reality. David spent one weekend building the frames and filling them with dirt. I used the Farmer's Almanac Vegetable Planner to plan out what we would like to grow. It won't be too long before we have our own delicious vegetables growing in our own backyard ( long as the children don't pull anything up, that is. haha!)!

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