Wednesday, January 11, 2017

(Blog) New Year Resolution 2017

    Last year, I determined that I would establish just one resolution. My goal was to have only one area in which I could focus, develop and enjoy. I knew with two young children I wouldn't be able to accomplish much more (and I was right!). That resolution was to be something that reconnected and refreshed me personally. I chose- writing. More specifically, I chose to 1) Write a blog post to be published every Wednesday and 2) Write a new chapter in my book every quarter (approx. 4 months). 

     I did fairly well with the first goal! Although there were a few months in which posts were not published weekly, I still managed to share 52 pieces over the course of the entire year! My intention of this activity being something that reconnected and refreshed me was certainly felt. I thoroughly enjoyed coming to this space each week to contemplate, write, share and connect with others. I also now have a lovely collection of our family's life the last twelve months! How exciting to be able to reread those posts in the future or perhaps use them in other ways (more on this below). Weekly blogging is certainly an activity I'd like to continue in 2017.

     The second aspect of the writing resolution was completely neglected. (I had actually forgotten it was even part of the resolution until I pulled last year's post back up!). At the time I made the goal, I had been investing time and energy into developing a book idea. Then, we moved..and moved some more.. and found out we're expecting another child etc.. Life simply got too busy and too chaotic for work that kind of an endeavor. Book writing is not blog writing. For me, it requires far more concentration and composition. (I typically write blog posts in short segments over the course of several days. I can't write a book chapter in this manner. I need to be able to sit for hours to write). I still have a great aspiration to develop in more formal writing, specifically in composing a book. However, I must acknowledge that that endeavor will simply have to wait until a later season. In the meanwhile, years of blog post already written and more to come will provide a wonderful resource for potential content when I do pick up the book writing process again. 

       And so, in regard to a resolution for 2017 I wanted to continue with the same focus I had established last year. The goal needs to be one that won't overwhelm, discourage or result in a lack of joy. It also needs to be something that reconnect and refreshes me personally. Finally, there need be only one resolution for it to be feasibly accomplished in this current season of all little ones. 

      I considered many options. I have been most preoccupied with the idea of choosing twelve "30 Days to..." in which each month would focus on establishing a new habit. (For example, 30 Days to... reduced sugar intake/ natural sugars, healthy snacking, screen-free, early to bed & early to rise, children's activities, prayer, reading, Bible reading, (presentably) dressed etc). I've considered other ideas as well such as showing greater hospitality with weekly playdates and monthly dinner guests. Or, working towards a healthier lifestyle with less stress, more rest, daily exercise and more nutritious foods etc. I've even considered choosing a focus word (a very popular concept, but one I've never implemented). 

     Ultimately, I know that accomplishing anything new or consuming may not be very realistic in 2017. (After all, I will have three children three-years old and under who will need my full time, attention and energy.). I also don't really want to drop weekly blogging as I enjoyed it so much the previous year in order to take on a new endeavor. Therefore, I considered simply expanding the existing goal. And so, for 2017 I'm aiming to:

     1) Write a blog post to be published every Wednesday  between 1:30-2pm (cst)
     2) Post between 1:30-2pm (cst) daily on Instagram and Facebook 

(1:30-2pm is a reliable time slot available to me during naptime. A set time helps me to not be distracted by screens while I'm with my family or needing to be productive with housework).

     I will likely also attempt some of the "30 Days to..." ideas and other aspirations. I simply withheld making those "New Years resolutions" though out of concern for them not to be consistently achievable, especially with a new baby soon. I think this year's baby step of a resolution will be most feasible to accomplish at this time. 

    And so, much more to come from the Our Homemaking Story in 2017! I'm excited! :)

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