Thursday, January 5, 2017

Baby 3 Pregnancy Journal: Week 34!

Tired Mama :(
This baby deep inside me, ever so small, is a child of God. A child that God gave to me to take care of whether for a day or for years. That care began at conception. Whether he or she lives or dies each day I am with him or her is a gift and has purpose with eternal consequences. My baby is now a part of my life, my testimony. -Brenda Rodgers, "New Rules for Announcing a Pregnancy

How Far Along? 34 weeks! Only 6 weeks remaining until we get to meet this little guy!

"those tiny little fingernails have probably reached the tip of his or her fingers by this week" -What to Expect When You're Expecting, 4th ed. 

Baby Size? "Your baby could be as tall as 20 inches right now and weights about 5 pounds: -What to Expect When You're Expecting, 4th ed. 

Gender? It's a BOY! Huxley Nathaniel R., we are so excited to meet you soon!

Weight Gain? No new number this week. 

    Can I be honest for a moment? I'm feeling like all the weight gain is going either belly or face. I've become so self-conscious with the puffiness in my face (goodness, what will it look like after being pumped full of iv fluids at delivery?! yikes!). At this point, I'm not feeling much pregnancy beauty or glow. I just feel heavy and tired. haha.

(p.s. Social etiquette gem #1- Making comments about someone's face shape, cheeks, or size is highly inappropriate, especially during pregnancy. Regardless of what you think someone's norm. is, keep all comments to "you look beautiful.")

Belly? Big! Apparently, stretch marks can stretch further. My poor skin is breaking down rapidly. I'm having a hard time imaging how this belly could get any bigger in the next six weeks!

(p.s. Social etiquette gem #2- I'm not self-conscious on belly size. However, I do feel it very rude to comment or worse share with others regarding a woman's pregnancy size. Just say she looks beautiful or say nothing at all. ;) )

Sleep? Doesn't happen. I might have been able to pull through a day previously, but it's now become a struggle. Mama is plain exhausted. 

Symptoms? Oh man, the fatigue! I'm pushing hard to function through a  exhaustion fog each day. If there was any ounce of self-control or emotional self-control (not my strengths to begin with. haha), it's gone. I'm so tired the smallest incident brings out the tears. It's so embarrassing!  

Clothing? Some of my pants are getting a bit tight! I'm rolling down the full panel and covering the rear with my shirts to make them work a little longer. haha. 

Movement? I've gotten outside to walk around the neighborhood a few times. My pace is pretty slow though. The energy aspect is severely lacking. haha

Baby Movement? My goodness, this little guy has some powerful movements! Some nights his wiggles and kicks have been painful even. He knows just how to hit the sensitive areas (like the gap between my ab muscles!). I've been absolutely amazed by the strength of his movements!

Food Adversions? Nothing really. I love food!

Food Cravings? Cake? I love cake. It's probably because it's birthday month in our home (3/4 of us have January birthdays), and so we eat a lot of cake at this time. A simple cake is one of my favorite desserts though. Yum!

What I Miss? Coffee + time and energy to sit with a book or something else relaxing or enjoyable. That's the dream currently. haha!

What I'm Nervous About? Honestly, some days I'm pretty anxious about how busy and demanding life will be with three children so young. I already have very little margin with so few opportunities for a break or tiny moment alone. I realize that this is only a season and I do truly delight in getting to be involved in my home and family so much. However, the lack of balance can make the role/job so much more difficult. I can only imagine life to come. 

     Of course, I'm still nervous about immediate and appropriate care for my other two children during delivery will remain a concern of mine. They're simply not accustomed to any kind of outside care. 

How I'm Preparing for Baby?
     Amazon order is done and delivered! We're all set with plenty of bottles, new pump supplies, one more car seat (still need the third). We should be pretty good on the basics. (Although, I must admit that I'm so very tempted to purchase just a few daytime (ie non-sleeper) newborn outfits! I've just done sleepers in the past out of practicality. Oh, but new baby clothes for a new (last) baby is just so thrilling!). 

     Our incredible church is throwing us a "diapers and wipes" shower this Sunday! 

     I've been majorly slacking on my freezer cooking. I just haven't had the energy to do anything extra during the week. Hopefully I can get a couple made and in the freezer this weekend. I absolutely don't have near the quantity I had hoped to have to feed our family and then later feed extended family who will come to stay and visit. Got to get on that asap!

     I suppose now that we're only 6 weeks away from the due date, I should begin assembling our bags. I'll need to think back through items needed for postpartum care for each delivery situation (because you never know!) and the hospital stay for myself. (David added yesterday that this time he'll pack a sandwich and/or snacks to eat during the labor process. I, being in labor, didn't notice having not eaten all day. He, just sitting, was really hungry going without anything all day long. Whoops! haha). The children will also need a bag for where ever they will be going during delivery. Probably should get a move on making my lists, making purchases, and packing bags soon!

Other News?  
    The nesting is strong with this one. I had zero nesting with my first baby. I had a little more with my second. The third- must decorate, organize and do all things! Our home may be decorated more in these last few weeks than it has in the last few months! haha

     This week was also the last weekly injection! We decided to stop at 34 weeks instead of continuing to 36 weeks. It's the same place we stopped at with baby #2, and quite frankly we're becoming increasingly convinced it and many other interventions haven't been necessary after all. I'm so very glad to never have to have those weekly injections again! There's only one more medication remaining, and that will be discontinued by next week. One more step to getting closer to delivery! 

    Speaking of delivery, I really wanted to cherish every moment of this pregnancy and not wish any of it away. However, I'm reaching a point in pregnancy in which I'm looking forward to the end. This has by far been my most difficult pregnancy. Granted, it's my third in three years and I have two other very young children to care for each day. I'm tired. I'm very, very tired. I pulled up my pregnancy journal post from baby #2, and was shocked by the pictures of myself between now and then. It's all been worthwhile, Mama clearly needs some rest. hahaha.   

    In a strange way, I'm feeling ready. I can't quite put the right words to describe the sensation, but I just feel ready for this baby. I'm very eager to see him and snuggle him against me!

6 more weeks until we'll meet little Huxley! :)

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