Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October 2016 In Our Home

Mama may enjoy doodling with chalk the most!

     We finished paying off my last school loan this month! Not only has this been significant financial burden lifed, but also a personal one. It's very nice to finally put that piece of my life fully behind me. It's also really nice to see our debt snowball pick up even more momentum! To think that it started with a mere $3 and has grown to where it has now is incredible. There have been a lot of sacrifices to make it continue each month, but the effort has been so very worthwhile! I'm excited to now begin snowballing our next debt. 

   We restarted our Tot School and Tiny Tot School curriculum. Though, some days we accomplish only one activity and other days we accomplish none. The really nice part of our chosen curriculum is that it's activities-based (vs. academic) and there is no pressure to complete everything exactly according to the schedule. This month we've danced around the room to music while periodically stopping to identify shapes displayed around the room (video on Instagram), we made a red Jell-o treat and then cut out shapes, we colored pictures, pretended to be bunnies (the coinciding animal for the unit theme) and of course read lots of good stories. (All those activities focus on skills in the form of play- gross motor, fine motor, real life, pretend, colors, shapes etc., and yet I don't feel like they are presented as structured "school" lessons in the least! :))
"Tot School" one day was simply creating a red Jell-o treat, 
and then cutting out shapes. Such a fun way to teach the color red!
Um..that's not sleeping! 

     The children have made great progress in "room time"/ "independent playtime." We're still at the point in the plan in which I'm in the room with them and playing. The intention here is for them to get very comfortable being in the room apart from everyone else and to introduce them to various objects of play. We currently use our tot school "Surprise Time boxes" during this time. (These are bins of educational toys, and are a component of the My Father's World "All Aboard the Animal Train" curriculum). It's so neat to watch their progress in skills and play.  I can announce "room time" and Tennyson excitedly picks out one of the bins and runs to his bedroom. Annelise is still learning the concept of this time in the day as she often wants to join us. Her room time follows Tennyson's, and so she's quickly satisfied. It's great to see us having made lots of good progress in just a month's time. Learning to play and be a little more independent will serve us all well, especially since we're all home and together each day. 
33 months old!

     For about two weeks this month we were dealing with sickness in our home. Annelise first started the fever, runny nose and cough. Then as she was improving Tennyson began to show the same symptoms. No one was able to rest well, and everyone was super cranky and clingy. It is tough when both are so little and sick. We indulged in watching so many Baby Einstein videos. (What else do you do at a time like that? At least they're great quality videos!). They enjoyed all the extra screen time, of course. The programs got a little tiresome for Mama though. haha. Fortunately,  the children are feeling much better now. David seems to be contending with some sickness off and on (allergies?). Hopefully, I can't continue to resist whatever it was that was passed around!
16 months old!

    Looking at the month ahead, we'll focus on our celebration of the Thanksgiving season and planning for the Christmas celebration that follows. Lots of activities and fun to come!

New Books We're Enjoying This Month:
(I like to purchase at least one new book for each of us each month).  

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