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Favorite Home Management & Parenting Resources: Blogs


      As homemaking blogs have emerged over the past several years, a few have stood out to me as good resources for my own homemaking. These are resources that I have taken out a pen and paper to take notes at times! The beauty of online blogging is the ability to be guided and mentored in an area that you might not otherwise receive such. It is the preservation and transference of homemaking knowledge and skill in the modern age. It has taught individuals like myself who have zero domestic background the ability to not just survive domestic life but to thrive. Certain online blogs have been fundamental in my homemaking. 

Choosing Blogs Wisely
      Over the years, I've learned to wisely discern which blogs are worthy of my time and energy to follow. For me, I desire to consume homemaking materials which will teach and move me forward in my own homemaking career. I need the practical "how to.." in regard to homemaking and parenting. I often seek out ladies who are further along in their  journeys and can offer wisdom that comes from retrospection. I've also learned the importance of finding individuals who share my personality type. I am a strong Type A personality, and therefore find suggestions from other Type A personality ladies to be the most helpful. We get each other (haha). It's also important for the individual I choose to follow to be in or have been in a similar home/family life situation. For instance, I'm home with my children 24/7 and my children are closely spaced in age. Therefore, I'm most interested in learning how to manage best within these conditions from others who have also been there. Managing a home with multiple closely spaced children simply looks different than it would with one or even two children further spaced apart. While there is something that can be learned from all persons, the greatest learning will occur when there is also an element of relation. Last, I look for individuals who have experienced success with their chosen approach. It's easy to find homemakers who believe the "life with children is a mess" mantra. My desire is to achieve a different outcome. Therefore, I'm interested in resources which will present methods or techniques that may aid in accomplishing that goal. 

My Favorite Home Management & Parenting Blogs

       Valerie has written quite an extensive resource page! In fact, it is so full that is can be overwhelming! She has topics organized nicely on the left sidebar as well as an index by age within the top menu, which makes searches for specific information easy. The blog is perhaps the best resource for addressing specific topics and/or needs in parenting. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for on the website, then she also has a coinciding Facebook page and is very prompt in responding to messages. This particular resource is very thorough and very well done. 

   Rachel shares her thoughts and experiences on subjects like discipline, emotions, faith, home, routines, motherhood and sleep. She also shares on how personality type influences the role of wife and mother. She uniquely blogs from the perspective of having closely spaced children, and having once done so while living at a distance from family. I can relate to the aspects of being far from home (and therefore lacking that particular support or help), having closely spaced children (though mine are average 1.5 years apart, not 1 year), and having a strong type a personality. I enjoy the practical advice offered through her blog, and read it often. 
Jo Frost is another of my "go to" resources for parenting guidance. She provides a plethora of techniques for a variety of needs. I own several of her printed books, and have also utilized the website for additional techniques or insights when needed. The website, however, isn't near as organized and easy to navigate if looking for specific topics like Chronicles of a Babywise Mom. It's still a fantastic resource though! (And I highly recommend her books!)

     (Formerly "Large Families Living on Purpose"). This blog is beautiful sharing on how to manage the home with a large family (or closely spaced children). Erika also shares strategies for wise use of finances, living in small home, child training, and "mothering with vitality." Although I don't necessarily agree with every philosophy or practice shared, the blog is such a wonderful resource for demonstrating how life with littles can be manageable and a joy, regardless of family size. I have read many of the pages multiple times. 

Other Homemaking Blogs of Interest
     I enjoy reading the following personal blogs as well. These are bloggers who I still relate well to, and are in the same season of life that I am. Many posts are personal in nature, but there are many others that are highly informative. 

      This is perhaps one of the original blogs on homemaking during a time when blogging wasn't yet as popular as it is today. Lindsay shares on a variety of topics such as areas of personal and spiritual growth, nutrition, healthy/ sustainable practices, simplicity, family, etc. I particularly enjoy how you can so easily see the many facets to life as a homemaker. She accomplishes a great balance in her presentation of herself, her family and her homemaking journey. Although the posts date back to 2008 and she admittedly doesn't still practice everything she's ever written on, the blog is still a wealth of applicable information and experience. I was very glad to see her decide to resume blogging after an extended break!

     Amy shares on a variety of topics pertaining to family life. (She has many posts on cloth diapering that are so thorough I recommend them to anyone interested in the topic). She and I have followed one another's blogs and journeys into homemaking and parenting for several years. Our oldest children are close in age as will be our youngest ones. It's been rather nice to share and connect with another homemaker in the same stage as I!

     Vanessa also shares on a variety of topics pertaining to family life. We have share and connected through Instagram and then through blogging. Our oldest children are close in age (a month apart actually), and they also participate in "tot schooling." Again, it's been enjoyable to connect and share with someone with similar interests!
Update: She has recently decided to take a break from blogging for an undetermined amount of time. The blog will continue to be available and she can continue to be reached/followed through Instagram. 

*Note: Updated 02/12/17. This particular post is regularly updated to reflect the most current blogs read. 

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