Friday, October 28, 2016

Baby 3 Pregnancy Journal: Week 24!

(I thought the curtains would make a pretty
background for these pictures, but it has been
so difficult to get a clear picture! haha)
This baby deep inside me, ever so small, is a child of God. A child that God gave to me to take care of whether for a day or for years. That care began at conception. Whether he or she lives or dies each day I am with him or her is a gift and has purpose with eternal consequences. My baby is now a part of my life, my testimony." -Brenda Rodgers, "New Rules for Announcing a Pregnancy"

How Far Along? 24 weeks!

"Much of [baby's] weight comes from accumulating baby fat, as well as from growing organs, bones, and muscle. Those little ears of hears are getting sharper and can hear very loud sounds, from a yapping dog to a jackhammer. Also by now, that fabulous face is almost fully formed, complete with eyelashes, eyebrows and hair. Is your baby a brunette, a blonde, or a redhead? Actually, right now her locks are white since there's no pigment yet." -What to Expect When You're Expecting, 4th ed. 

      That part about "can hear very loud sounds" may be very helpful later! Perhaps little Huxley will be our best sleeper yet having been already accustomed to so much noise by his older siblings! haha

Baby Size? "Your baby is about eight and a half inches long and weighs one and a half pounds, gaining steadily at a rate of six ounces per week."  -What to Expect When You're Expecting, 4th ed.

Gender? It's a BOY!

Weight Gain? (This is for my own record since I started out rather underweight). No new number this week (I only take note of weight when I'm at appointments).

Belly? Still feeling rather large for just 24 weeks. Three babies in just three years will have that effect! haha. 

Sleep? It's all a blur at this point. I pretty much stay really tired. Honestly, there are many days in which it is a hard fight to maintain a good attitude with the children and work ethic in our home regardless of rest. David helps me tremendously in picking up responsibilities in caring for the children or the housework. I'm so very grateful he has the heart to see needs and lend a hand so much. He's amazing. 

Symptoms? Hello, reflux! Once the belly reaches a certain size, I always have a hard time with reflux. Bending down and picking things up or laying down often exasperates the issue. Antacids are my friend at this point on. haha. 

Clothing? Fortunately, we now live in the land of perpetual summer (did I really just say "fortunately" with that?!). That means I don't have to fuss too much over purchasing new clothes for the season just yet. I'm told that there is a winter here, but until I see it I'm wearing out the few summery maternity clothes that I have. haha. 

Movement? We've kept up with our stroller walks around the neighborhood! The rough roads and pushing both children in the double stroller certainly give me a good workout! It's nice to get out and move though. I still wish I could find a prenatal yoga video or something.

Baby Movement? This baby may be my most active yet! When he gets going it nearly wears me out. I feel like I've done a bunch of crunches! He still seems to be on one position and will kick against the same spot which will become sore after a while. I still love those movements though! It makes me happy to be feeling them one more time. :)

Food Adversions? None really. I love food!

Food Cravings? I still love all juicy fruits. I've also been on a carb kick lately. Move over eggs, Mama wants oats and muffins for breakfasts. haha

What I Miss? More coffee! I limit myself to a cup of coffee each day. It's my morning happy place. Some afternoons, though, I wish I could have another cup. 

What I'm Excited About? Just excited to meet this little one and learn all about him!

What I'm Nervous About? I'm nervous about several things. 
     First, the medical care here is unlike anything I've had previously. I'm rather nervous about those differences in care now and delivery later. Unknowns can be so unnerving. 

     Second, we still don't have any person or plan in place to care for Tennyson and Annelise during delivery or prior to delivery if something were to occur. I'm reminded of the previous deliveries, which are still gut-wrenching for me. When I had Tennyson, I was devastated by he being immediately taken and I not getting to even see him for another 12 hours. It was two days before I was able to touch him, and another two weeks before I could bring him home to be mine. I swore that the next baby would remain with me if at all possible. Regrettably, soon after delivery of our second baby David had to return home to care for Tennyson. I was in no condition to safely care for the baby on my own, and so she was sent away to the nursery. The feeling of having to send my baby away and I being alone in that room was just terrible. Yet, here I am again faced with the same situation. We actually have far fewer resources now than we did then. The only halfway feasible option currently would be to schedule a c-section so that one set of grandparents could be here in advance to care for the children. However, the children only see grandparents a few times a year and so they're really not entirely familiar with them especially for an overnight occasion. Plus, that puts me electing to have major surgery and a much more difficult recovery, which is not ideal either.
       We've always lived at a distance from all family, and that's just been a way of life for us. We manage perfectly fine on our own (and actually prefer a little distance). However, when it comes the occasion of delivering a baby the situation becomes so very difficult. I so deeply do not want to send my new baby away or be left alone in a hospital room again. I also want my other children to be comfortable and well cared for while we're away. Maybe something will change and things will come together better than they have here so far.

     Finally, there are days in which I fearfully wonder how in the world I will manage three children who are all within 37 months of age of each other. Some days of managing two children 17 months apart and our home is quite taxing. I also know much of the present challenge is the closeness in their ages and us doing this entirely on our own (ie we've never utilized any outside childcare whatsoever for our children). It's hard to imagine how I'm going to effectively divide myself yet again to care for an additional person and tasks. However, I know I wrote of this same concern many, many times during my last pregnancy and here we are having successfully managed for the last 16 months. Clearly, I've done it before and am capable of doing it again. I just have to remind myself of that, right? Right!

How Am I Preparing for Baby?
      We came across a toddler bed at a consignment sale recently and decided to purchase it to add to what will be the boys' room. Our plan is to initially have Huxley in our room. Then, when he no longer needs to eat during the night he will move to the crib in what is currently Annelise's room. Annelise will then move to one of the toddler beds in the current boys' room. When Huxley joins everyone else on the same sleep schedule (ie one nap a day), he and Tennyson will become permanent roomies. So, the additional toddler bed wasn't an immediate need but it was a good deal and will be helpful later. The room is pretty cute with two beds in it again!

     I've really got to get moving on purchasing the more immediate items and preparing freezer meals. Lesson learned from baby #1- have everything needed purchased and ready early. Lesson learned from baby #2- have as many meals prepped and/or planned as possible (a stock up of household items would also be helpful). Why am I delaying with these things?!

Other News?
    Tennyson will occasionally talk about "baby Huxley" or things that will belong to him. I think he's getting the idea. It's a tough concept to understand for a little one. 

    Annelise is at least picking up on the idea of their being a baby in Mama's belly. While watching the Baby Einstein "First Signs" video one day, she crawled over to me and pointed to my belly when the program said and signed "baby." She's clearly getting the concept that there's a baby inside, but likely has no clue what that will mean in terns of she having to share attention later. haha



  1. You look so good! I hope you get some of that energy back and can enjoy this last stretch. I often worry about having enough of me to go around with a 28 month old and twin newborns. Mama guilt really is a hard thing to work through. Praying God brings you the right resources! Is there anyone at your church or small group you can recruit to help? Or even a college student at your church you could get to know better to hire for help when you need it? That's what we are doing right now

    1. Amy,
      For me, the need for being attentive to multiple people and tasks at once is more of a matter of mere logistics than "mama guilt." There are simply more of them than there are of me! However, this always provides ample opportunities for me to be continuously refining my management skills. We, of course, certainly have many moments of chaos and I'm sure we'll have plenty more in adjusting to another little one joining our days, but I strive to decrease those instances as much as possible. As with the previous two children, we'll figured out the best means of managing as our family grows. Some life changes always seem a bit daunting before you actually get to that place, and then afterwards you realize you can (because you have) make it! I'm sure this is one of those instances.

      In regard to resources, we are slowly making some connections here. At this point, I would be hesitant to place the expectation of meeting our needs on someone we're just getting to know. We still have a few more months until the baby arrives (we hope!), however, and so things could always change. :)


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