Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Baby 3 Pregnancy Journal: 22 Weeks!

(Actually 23 weeks in this photo)
This baby deep inside me, ever so small, is a child of God. A child that God gave me to take care of whether for a day or for years. That care began at conception. Whether he or she lives or dies each day I am with him or her is a gift and has a purpose with eternal consequences. My baby is now a part of my life, my testimony." - Brenda Rodgers, "New Rules for Announcing a Pregnancy"

How Far Along? 22 weeks!

"developing senses, including touch, sight, hearing, and taste. ... He or she may grab onto the umbilical cord (there's not much else to hang onto in there) and practice the strong grip that will soon be clutching your fingers (and pulling your hair). ... Though it's dark in the uterine cocoon -- and even with fused eyelids -- fetuses this age can perceive light and dark. ... [The baby's hearing] The sound of your voice and that of your partner, your heart beating, the whoosh-whoosh of your blood circulating through your body, those gastric gurgles produced by your stomach and intestines, the dog barking, sirens and a loud TV. ... [The baby's tasting] pretty much everything you're tasting (so pass the salad)." -What to Expect When You're Expecting, 4th Edition (affiliate link to 5th edition)

Baby Size? "Forget about ounces, baby. This week we're talking about a whopping weight of 1 pound and a length of nearly 8 inches, about the size of a small doll." -What to Expect When You're Expecting, 4th Edition (affiliate link to 5th edition)

Gender? It's a BOY! I think Annelise is picking up on the idea that something is going on, though she doesn't understand what. She does what Tennyson did when I was expecting her which was poking/patting my belly, looking at it, and then looking at me repeatedly. It's so fun to watch them become big siblings!

Weight Gain? (This is for my own record since I started out rather underweight). Up 12lbs. since the beginning. 

Belly? Big. I feel quite big already. I naturally carry entirely out in front and I have a good bit of diastasis recti from my previous pregnancies, so this belly is certainly much larger than the previous ones. There is now no question of expecting a baby. I receive a wide-eyed response frequently when people realize that I have a two year old, one year old and am expecting another child. haha

Sleep? Same? Better? I can't even tell at this point! I, at least, feel as though I'm coping a little better now (though I still have days in which the energy level is quite low and I take every opportunity to rest).

Symptoms? Fortunately, the migraine headaches have decreased significantly. Unfortunately, the vericose veins in one leg has become a predominate issue. Despite two other pregnancies, this is a first time for that symptom. I've discovered that some sort of compression hose/leggings/socks are a must. The layers are rather warm (it's still upper 80s-90s in temperature here!), but they make a huge difference. Whatever works, right?

Clothing? Sadly, I've already had to retire a few of my shirts! I have a rather long physique normally and my baby bellies are all in front, and so shirts get to be too short quickly. Enter the tunic top. I think this style is going to be the only one that is going to last the remainder of the pregnancy because this belly isn't getting any smaller! haha. 

Movement? I've gotten into a much better habit of going for walks around the neighborhood with the children most mornings. It's been so nice to get out and get moving again like I had done in my previous pregnancies. (Even though we may still have to coat ourselves in bug spray and sunscreen despite it being October! haha). The roads are so rough here that it ends up being quite a workout to push the double stroller, but we're doing it! haha

Baby Movement? Mr. Huxley has become quite the wiggly guy! He's most active in the evenings and at night. If I'm active, then he's quiet. If I'm quiet, then he's active. He stays on one side (he's in the right "horn"), and after a while of wiggling and kicking in the same spot I get rather sore. I absolutely adore all those movements though. I know there's only a short time left to experience them. I can't help but to put my hand to my belly or look down to watch him (because you can easily see my belly rolling with his movements!). I finally got a neat video of him kicking and moving one evening, and it's posted on my Instagram account. 

Food Adversions? Nothing really. I love food. haha

Food Cravings? Juicy fruits and milk. I could be the happiest expectant mama with a big class of milk and a pineapple. (Something that has been true of both my boy pregnancies) haha!

What I Miss? This pregnancy has taken a harder toll on my body than the previous two. There are many more aches, pains, and discomforts than ever before. (Not to mention exhaustion in simply trying to keep up with my roles and responsibilities.) Although, I'm so very grateful for this new life within me, it's also been difficult at times to deal with the physical aspects of pregnancy. And, I'll admit there's an aspect of personal vanity in that. 

What I'm Excited About? Huxley! I'm so very excited to have this little boy be apart of our family! 

What I'm Nervous About?
      I've now had four of the injections which are presumed to get this baby to term. Two were tolerable, but two left me in tears in the office and hobbling back home. Some weeks I think, "Okay, I can do this!" Other weeks I think, "I said I wouldn't do this again, yet here I am! I'm never doing this again!" Oh man, I hate those things. 14 more weeks of them. *sigh* 

How Am I Preparing for Baby?
      I've created an Amazon wish list to keep track of everything we may need for this baby boy. I've also made a tentative timeframe as to when to make purchases to spread things out. Little by little it will all come together! 

(Funny note about having done this- I did this exact same thing when I was preparing for Tennyson's arrival. I thought, "I have seven more weeks. I have plenty of time to get everything we'll need." ...He was born that same night!)

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