Thursday, September 1, 2016

Ladies (Bloggers), We Can Do Better

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     Blogging, especially personal blogs, are a wonderful way to share with others. It's a wonderful way to be encouraged and learn new approaches that might prove to be successful in our own homes and families as well. Unfortunately, they're also an excellent way to passively condemn others while asserting ourselves.They can become reactionary by being a means of merely reacting to something someone else has shared.

     This situation is so disheartening because, ladies, we can do better! We can share what works for us and how we do things in our home without condemning the choices of others. It's simple- share your approach and/or enjoyment of that method, and make no mention or even allusion to that of another's. 

      Natural toys vs. conventional toys. Child-led vs. parent-led. Small book collection vs. large book collection. Tot school vs. free play. Scheduled day vs. free flowing day. On and on and on. I'm sure you could add some as well because we've all encountered it. Sheesh.

     When it comes to caring for your home and family, do and say what works for you. We can bring so much greater peace and unity to the motherhood community by choosing to not be reactive in our posting. There's no need to critique others if you're confident in your choices. Just do your thing! 

     My heart and hope is that anyone who partakes of any aspect of Our Homemaking Story will simply find a presentation of life within our home and family, with no condemnation of anything or anyone else. If you happen to also find something that is encouraging or helpful, then "hooray." But, ultimately, I'm merely sharing our story as it develops and enjoying the connections with sweet ladies along the way. If I have written in condemnation of others' choices, then I sincerely apologize as this is absolutely not my intention in the least.

     Let's purpose to do more of this. Let's be women (and bloggers) who build each other up, even as we share our individual preferences. :)

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