Thursday, July 7, 2016

June 2016 In Our Home

David's entire immediate family
      June in our home was crazy. The month's activities were completely overbooked. It was a push all the way through, especially with young children. But it was the only time available for such things, so we held on and made it all happen.

    We began the month by taking a trip to see family. Our eldest niece was graduating high school and the entire family was traveling in to celebrate. Not only did we want to be a part of that moment for her, but we also knew that it would likely be the only time in the foreseeable future that we'd get to travel in that direction to see family. While we were in somewhat close proximity, we decided it would be the best time to visit my family as well.

      So, we packed our bags, hopped on a plane and spent a week between both families. It was really nice to visit with everyone again. The children took a little time to warm up to everyone (Annelise hadn't met many of them!), but once they did they seemed to enjoy the extra attention and play. 

      The following week after we returned, David repacked a bag for a work trip. It was the longest he'd been away so far, and we were all grateful to have him home again! 

       The day after he returned home, it was Annelise's birthday. With so much commotion and chaos already, we decided to delay a party until next year. We kept this year's celebration with a gift (rocking horse), balloons, and homemade birthday cake. I have a "thing" about making a special cake for birthdays. I challenge myself to come up with a new, creative cake just for the birthday person. For Annelise's cake, I decided to make a lemon cake with fresh strawberry buttercream icing. That cake took me all day long to make and frost with two toddlers underfoot! When the time came for her to smash it and dig in....she wouldn't touch it. The only thing she wanted at that moment was a bite of the hamburgers we were having for dinner! Fortunately, she's enjoyed her rocking horse gift much better. It's so cute to see her sitting and rocking so happily! 

        The day after her birthday, David's parents arrived for a stay. It was not a greatly timed visit with everything else we've had going on, but they were kind in offering to stay in a hotel. I was very grateful. It allowed the visit to go much smoother and us all get to enjoy the time together. We took them to the local zoo one day. We were also able to show them the house we've been in the process of purchasing (and they approved! phew! haha.). 

      The following week after they left, we met with our realtor and officially signed the papers on the house! It's ours! We are so very excited about this house. We've been waiting and working for many years for this moment. My mama heart is absolutely thrilled to provide a nice backyard for the children to play each day. Tennyson is in love with being there, mainly for the backyard. He asks daily to "go to the house." We take a trip there nearly every day to allow him some freedom and we also bring a few boxes and things there each time. We won't officially be in until closer to August. We have a few projects that we're having completed before we move in. I'm so excited to be there already though! It will be such a nice place for our family, and for our family to connect with other families. I'm also so very excited to finally be able to design and decorate the spaces! Finally! (I'll likely share many photos of that creative outlet in the future. ;) )

       In the middle of all that busyness, I felt like I was constantly battling mood swings and exhaustion, and other issues. We figured it was all due to the fact that our schedule had been so much busier and routines broken more than normal. Then, a little test revealed the real reason- we're expecting baby #3! We're so very grateful for this last little one. Incredibly blessed. :)

      July should be much calmer. Our only objective will be to have desired work completed on the house, move our belongings into the house, and then go through and change addresses and all that sort of thing. I'm sure there will be am Ikea and other shopping trips as well! haha. I'm looking forward to it!

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