Monday, June 27, 2016

Everything is bigger in Texas...including our family!

     I shared in May that the matter of additional children in our family was a matter of prayer. We've been uncertain as to whether having another biological child would be wise considering the degree of high-risk, intervention and complications of my pregnancies. This month, a decision was made...but, not by us. 

      I approached David one evening with the fact that the month had been particularly long. We both contributed it to the fact that it had been a very stressful and exhausting time this past month, and perhaps that had thrown things off a bit. Neither one of us thought another possibility could be the real cause. (And he's been first to pick up on signs and figure it out before even I have in the past!). There was only one way to find out for sure. Immediately, it was positive.

    We're expecting baby #3! 
Due February 14, 2017 

     It took a few days for us to wrap our heads around the news. We were completely surprised. I understand fully the interventions that will be required and risks assumed. It wasn't an easy journey the first time. It feels daunting to do it all again. But, we're here and so I must. I know that just like the last time, the moment I see the baby it will all be worthwhile. 

       Nonetheless, this will definitively be our last biological child. There is simply too much risk and too much to put my body through with the necessary interventions. I can be satisfied with three children. We may still be open to adoption in the future. 

     Honestly, I was very nervous about being able to manage another little one. Some days, having two children two years old and under are so challenging. When this newest little one arrives, we will have three children three years old and under. Tennyson will be 37 months old, Annelise 20 months old, and Baby #3 newborn. The spacing will be 17 months between #1 and #2 and 20 months between #2 and #3. However, I know that the little years will be some of the hardest but afterwards they will have been given a gift in their closeness allowing them to be friends. (Tennyson and Annelise have always been very close, and I think that has a lot to do with their close age gap). I just imagine the three of them getting to play and grow up so close together, and my heart is encouraged. 

            So far, the pregnancy has been amazingly similar to my first pregnancy. I haven't had has much issues with losing meals and everything in between like I did then. But, I've had plenty of nausea and digestive issues. I'm finding it fascinating that my cravings are exactly the same as then as well (cravings during my second pregnancy were completely different). I don't care for sweets and often find that will trigger nausea. Coffee has been another strong aversion. I went from two cups a day to not being able to finish a single cup (perhaps I should have picked up on that being a sign!). Instead, I want salty and meaty foods! (We went out for ice cream on evening. Everyone got ice cream except me. I got a large order of tots! Haha!) I also want plenty of juicy citrus fruit...again. 

      Unfortunately, another similarity to #1 and #3 is that I've developed another subchorionic hemorrage/clot. At six weeks along, I experienced some bleeding that sent me to the ER wondering if we were losing the baby or if it was just another clot/hemorrhage like before. After a nerve racking five hours, it was determined to be the latter. I was advised to rest as much as possible to allow it to heal. Unfortunately, that's really hard to do when I have other young children and no family or anyone around to help. I'm trying to take it easy the best I can, but overdo it some days and then have to rest. David has been wonderful in helping as much as possible. He's spent many nights washing our dishes. We're both conscientious of the need to protect the pregnancy as much as possible. That's meant a lot more disorder, but we're pressing on. Prayerfully, this will heal and resolve soon, and we'll have a smoother continuance of the pregnancy. 

    We've withheld telling family the news of the pregnancy just yet. When we announced our expectation of baby #2, the news was met with some rather ugly responses by close family members. True character was revealed and relationships were broken. (I've come to realize just how opinionated and hateful some people can be in regard to child spacing or number of children as I've heard quite a few comments and I only had two children!). I'm hesitate to share and experience the hurt again. Fortunately, we live at a distance from all family and so we can choose to not share in person. I will probably create a photo card that reads something to the effect of: "They say everything is bigger in Texas... Well, so is our family! Expecting baby #3 February 14, 2017). We've even considered adding a line somewhere that says, "If you can't say something nice, then best to not say anything at all." haha, it's still being debated. Like I said, the last time was just really hurtful. 

      I'll create journal posts soon for this pregnancy like I've done for the previous two. These posts and photos make such sweet memory photo books! I've so enjoyed having this special time of pregnancy captured. It truly is an incredible gift- a blessing.  I'm so glad God overrode our plans, made the decision for us, and gifted us with another little one. :)


  1. Congratulations. I pray the watches over you and your family x

  2. Congratulations Whitney! What a blessing! Yes, these things can often happen in ways that throw us for a loop (read: I'm expecting twins), but in the end you have a beautiful gift from the Lord who has been entrusted to you. How beautiful! I will be praying for you and I hope you enjoy an uncomplicated pregnancy (at least from here on out!)

    1. Thanks, Amy! I'm so glad God chose to gift us another blessing. I'm so very excited to meet this little one and he/she join our family. :)

  3. Oh, and I completely understand your hesitation to say much of anything. People are absolutely shocked when I say something about "the next pregnancy". The idea that id want more children after this pregnancy is unthinkable to some people. It is hard to hear such negativity like that. I hope things go easier for you this time

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    2. I think everyone who has closely spaced children or more than two children face such negativity. However, it makes no sense. Why the need to impose your ideals of family onto someone else? It's not you who are raising those children? Can we not simply say "congratulations" or nothing at all? One of those "can't we just be kind to one another" mysteries of life! haha.

  4. Congratulations! That is such wonderful news. It is hard to have your kids so close together (mine will be 15 months apart) but I know it will be worth it for the closeness they will have in their sibling relationships. We are leaving our family planning up to the Lord at this time, and I may not even announce the next pregnancy. Haha. I keep going back and forth if I should just celebrate it openly and let the haters hate...It's sad that people are so negatively opinionated about children, when they are such delights and blessings.

  5. Congratulations, Whitney! After reading your post in May, I had prayed for God to make His will clear to you and your husband in regards to having another biological child or adopting. God certainly answered your prayers in a wonderful way and His ways are best. :-)

    I will be praying for you and your little one to stay healthy and safe throughout the pregnancy and delivery. On a side note, I had a subchorionic hemorrhage during my 2nd pregnancy, and I understand how nerve-racking that can be. What a relief it was to finally see that it had disappeared and my precious daughter was just fine. That was an answer to many, many prayers! I will be praying that the Lord protects your baby and that the hemorrhage will heal very soon and cause no more troubles.

    Again, congratulations on the new little blessing you are carrying! Enjoy this special time the best you can and try not to let any negative comments steal your joy. People who can't say anything positive about a child being added to the family have a wrong, unbiblical attitude. God says that children are a blessing and, indeed, they are! :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    ~~Sarah in GA~~


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