Saturday, April 9, 2016

March 2016 In Our Home

Moving month! This sums up March in our home!
     This month has been all about our move from Pennsylvania to Texas. (And, consequently, so will this post).  We only had about three weeks from the day we found out we were moving to the day we arrived. Three weeks is not a lot of time to make a 1473mi. move! Even though we're familiar with moving, this move was far more difficult than we had anticipated. It's been an adventure, indeed.

26 months old & 9 months old!
      During the weeks leading up to the move, I worked each day to declutter and organize our home. I cleaned out. I typically hang on to things for "one day." You know, "one day I'll resell it" or "one day I'll finish the project" etc. Well, I made up my mind to not take a To Do list from one place to another. Yet, it was really tough to just get rid of so many things! I hated to deny the value remaining in those things. But, I determined there was greater value in less clutter and less things lingering to be done. It would have been nice to have had a yard sale, but we didn't have the time. So, I offered anyone who was interested to come by and take anything they wanted, and some did. Afterwards, a friend came over with her husband's truck and helped me carry the rest to the thrift store to be donated. Honestly, as much as I hated to see so much potential be discarded, I love the freedom doing so brought me! It's incredibly freeing to not have any clutter piles or projects waiting to be completed. This is one benefit to moving as frequently as we do- each time is an opportunity to declutter!

      Moving week itself was tough. Movers came on a Tuesday and boxed everything up (children missed all naps). On Wednesdays, they came back and loaded the truck (children missed all naps again). The car hauler came that evening and loaded up both of our vehicles. On Thursday, we were flying to Texas (children missed all naps yet again). Because we didn't know how long it would be until the moving truck would be delivered, I had to pack enough clothes, toys, books, snacks etc. to last all of us for about two weeks. That was no easy feat! I'm sure we looked hilarious in the airport with all our stuff. We each wore a child (Annelise with me in the K'Tan & Tennyson with David in the Ergo), we each carried a carseat, we each had a bookbag (snack & activities in one bag, diapers and change of clothes in another). Then, we also had two large suitcases we checked. Phew! (We did get one or two comments. haha).

We made it to Texas!
It was Tennyson's first flight, and I was nervous about how he would handle it. I asked David  how Tennyson was doing during the first take off, and he replied, "He's good. Terrified, but good." Haha, poor buddy. 
     Because the move is so quick, we didn't have an opportunity to visit or look for housing prior to arriving. Yep, we made the move without having a home. We stayed in a nice extended stay hotel for about two weeks while we looked for a place to rent. During this time the children and I all became sick. Tennyson had an ear infection and strep, Annelise had a double ear infection, and I had a sinus infection. We all had a runny nose before we left, and that minor ailment escalated quite a bit when combined with no rest, stress, and traveling.  

       Although, we intend to purchase a home as soon as possible, we couldn't stay in a hotel until that time. We knew we needed to find something to bridge that time gap. To our surprise, the real estate market was not at all what we expected. We learned that because there is a military base and three colleges in town, the large number of transient people causes the rental market to be in high demand (conversely, the market for purchasing homes is fantastic). We were shocked (and panicked) to discovered poor quality houses for extraordinary prices. There were lots of tears and tensions over finding a decent place to live for a reasonable price. We ended up finding a house that was acceptable. It is a true and true rent house with plenty of flaws. It's a good reminder to find a place of our own quickly! 

       The move has been hard on everyone. Not only the logistics of finding a place to live, but also in coping with so much change. The children and I were happy in PA, and enjoyed our life there. Although, I wanted to be supportive of my husband's career and desire to be closer to his family I've really struggled with surrendering our former life in PA. I miss it quite a bit. I know we'll adjust though. 

     Tennyson has also had a hard time adjusting. His whole world has been turned upside down. A lot of changes have been thrown at him all at once. Annelise is fortunately young enough to not know anything different. David is really enjoying his new position as well as being back in the South. His parents are closer and already planning a visit this summer. Hopefully by then the children and I will have adjusted better and perhaps even finished unpacking boxes!

      I feel like this is one of those life circumstances in which you can be faithful or fretful. Honestly, I've been mighty fretful! (Still am at times!). I discussed this with a wonderful Christian friend and she encouraged me to seek forgiveness from the Lord, from myself, and then begin to praise God for the good things that are occurring. I'll start with the blessing of this beautiful friend who has been such a strong encouragement in the walk towards Christlikeness (I left her in PA, too! haha). I am grateful that the Lord provided David with a job and location in which he can finally be happy. I'm glad he will get to be closer to his family. I'm grateful God has led us to a rental house and realtor that has agreed to write the lease for only three months so that we can quickly move on to purchasing a house instead of being locked into a rental for a year. I'm grateful that we are beginning to reestablish a new norm and life here. 

    I suspect April will be more unpacking and settling in. Hopefully we'll find some fun in the meantime. :)

Although this post is a bit late, it is still within the week. That means I'm still holding to my New Years Resolution of one post each week! YIPPEE!!!

Also, I'm considering doing a (daily? weekly?) Periscope livestream. It will be a place to interact and discuss various topics (marriage, parenting, Christian living, homemaking etc.). The intention is to be a place of interaction and encouragement. If you follow me here, would you like to also join me there? You can find me under the name "RevivingHomemaking" (Whitney R.) :)

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