Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Homemaking Challenge

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     One aspect of treating homemaking as a profession/job is management. A homemaker is a manager of her home and family. This role requires quite a bit of self-discipline and organization. If I'm not leading in managing my home and guiding the children, then they will surely run me. The result is inevitably chaos. 

         I've heard it said many times that life with children is simply a mess- you're a mess, the child(ren) are a mess, the house is a mess, and life in general is a mess. That's just the way is. However, I've yet to be convinced of such sentiment (despite our own experiences with messiness). It feels too much like considering children to be a burden on life instead of a blessing. My heart is for our home to be a peaceful and joyful place. I pray our children will flourish in a family unit in which love is evident and the desire to be together is strong. 

    However, we are familiar with a fair share of messes. We presently reside in a small home. Although the size does have some advantages, one considerable disadvantage is that even a small amount of clutter can very quickly become overwhelming to our space and ourselves. Add two children under two years old to the space, and we encounter those overwhelming occasions on nearly a daily basis. But, children clinging and crying and the house being a mess is just part of the job and part of the season of life, right? Perhaps to some extent, but not necessarily.

     I know that certain habits lead to much more productive and purposeful days. I know that if I wake up before everyone else and prepare myself for the day, then I feel much more positive and motivated towards the day ahead. I know that if I prepare activity rotation for each of the children then they are much more content and less prone to clinging and crying. I know that if I tidy a couple rooms a day and complete one deep cleaning task a day, then the house stays clean and tidy without a massive effort. There are actually many, many little actions throughout the day that make a significant impact. 

       Yet, establishing and abiding by all of these ideals or goals can be a struggle. I need small steps to properly create these little bits into habits which can then be built upon. And so, I've been contemplating conducting a "homemaking challenge." 

     This challenge will be comprised of a weekly task that is to be completed each day of the week. These tasks will be simple things like getting up before the family, getting fully or presentably dressed, making the beds up, setting aside one-on-one time with each child and/or husband, cooking dinner and serving it one time, etc. I'm writing this with myself and my needs in mind, and so not everything will apply to everyone. But, perhaps some will. 

    Perhaps you, too, also need a little boost in achieving greater homemaking habits, and will find this challenge helpful or motivating. If that is the case, then you're welcome to follow along. Leave a comment below each post and let me know you're joining me and/or how you're doing in the challenge. If you feel like others may be encouraged by this challenge, then please feel free to share. 

     Ultimately, the heart behind this challenge is to develop greater homemaking skills (habits!), as well as to learn to manage our home, family, and days with greater purposefulness and productivity. 

     You will find a brief post at the beginning of each week (Mondays, likely) with the current challenge. You will also be able to find a list with links to all challenges at the top of the main blog page. 

Let's do this! Who's with me? :)

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