Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New Years Resolution 2016

     The tradition of setting a resolution for New Year is an exciting occasion for a goal-setter like myself. I typically establish way more than I can feasibly accomplish. There are simply so many areas and activities I want to explore- homesteading/homemaking skills, financial goals like decreasing debt and increasing savings, book reading, Bible reading/study, more dates with my husband, greater hospitality, greater development of my personal self, tot school with Tennyson, greater home management, more time spent writing on a couple of different mediums etc etc.! I know that in this time in life with two very young children, if I attempted to set a goal for each area I'd likely find myself unable to accomplish them and becoming discouraged. And so, my plan for this year is to simply pick one. Pick just one that I can focus on, develop, and enjoy. 

     I'm certain that I'll accomplish activities in a variety of areas over the course of the year, and those accomplishments will simply be a bonus to my main goal. My intent for this year's resolution is to have one area in particular that I can focus on without causing myself to be overwhelmed, discouraged or lacking in joy. 

    In order to determine this one area to be my main goal, or resolution for the year,  I asked myself: Which one speaks the most to me presently and why? After feeling as though I have neglected myself the last few months, I felt it important to choose something that reconnected and reaffirmed me. Writing accomplishes that for me. Therefore, my resolution for 2016 will be focused on writing:

       1) Write a blog post to be published every Wednesday
       2) Write a new chapter in my book every quarter (approx. 4 months)

     Like I already mentioned, writing has been a means of reconnecting and reaffirming me personally, my homemaking story, and our family life. This blog page isn't about gaining affirmation, attention or audience. (Though, I've enjoyed interacting with those of you who have chosen to follow along!). It's about discovering and determining what works or doesn't work for our family. It's about the highs and lows of life, marriage and parenting our young children. It's about celebrating the small victories. It's about stretching and growing personally and spiritually. It's about learning and practicing the art of homemaking. It's about our story. (I have to remind myself these truths when the comparison bug bites!). I thoroughly enjoy going back and reading past posts. My heart delights in reliving those moments, and is reassured of our successes and joys. Blogging here has been such an enjoyable experience so far, and I'd like to see more of an effort spent on adding posts in the coming year.

     Another medium for writing that is available to me is a book project. Did you know I had a book project in progress? It's been in progress for years actually. I've been very particular about it's content and the quality of writing. I've also had less time to work on it since having children. Nonetheless, I still believe in the idea and wish to see it completed. I believe there is a need for rediscovering homemaking skills of the past. I believe we'd be less fried and frenzied in our attempt to manage our home, children, and ourselves within this role. I believe there is a gross lack of education and practice regarding homemaking. I consider myself- I, like most, was raised to attend college and work a career. My education didn't include the domestic aspect of life, and so when I entered that realm it became apparent that I wasn't well prepared. My story isn't uncommon as I've encountered numerous others within my generation who also don't have a solid grasp of homemaking skills. Others who buy only certain packages of meat because the rest are foreign. Others who cook by opening multiple packages of products. Others who struggle to maintain a tidy home. Others who feel stressed and exhausted by the demand of home life. I believe there is a need to rediscover this lost art. 

      Beyond that purpose for the book, writing it further would be a wonderful encouragement to simply finish something I've started. I have a long history of neglecting to finish what I start. I'd like to see this one pursuit be finished. Finishing it will be a challenging task, and I'm aware of that. It's been a slow process so far as I analyze (and then over-analyze) every word written. I want it to be something of quality. I want it to be something that I, and you, can pick up and read again with a sense of satisfaction each time. I enjoy the content that is currently completed! I'm eager to see more pages filled in! 

      And so, my resolution for 2016 has been determined and the "whys" established. The harder part now is the "how?" With two very young children and a home to manage, I don't have much free time. The best plan will likely involve several approaches. I may try to take 10-15 minutes early in the morning. I may try to wake really early one morning a week. I may utilize the time when I have an occasional "mother's helper." I may take an hour once a month for a "writing retreat." David and I have talked a little bit about investing in a laptop computer so that working on it could be more accessible (our only computer is a desktop and is tucked away in an alcove in our bedroom. It's not in a convenient location and so doesn't get used as much). Time and access to a computer are definitely hurdles in accomplishing this goal. 

      This is something that I feel is important to me personally, however. I feel that it's important to have at least one area in which mama can focus on mama. Mama needs it for her own growth. The children also need to see Mama as a person with interests as well (and perhaps be inspired by her pursuit to pursue their own interests!). I trust that the details for accomplishing this goal will work out in time. So far, I've been able to maintain a weekly blog post for the last few weeks! Hopefully, much more to come! 

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  1. Sounds like it will be a great book, and one I'd like to read!


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