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Baby Items for the First Year: Diapering

This post is a continuation of a "Baby Items for the First Year" series. In it, I'm sharing items that we've found to be essential as well as those that we've not found necessary. Every Mama's list is going to look different based on preferences and lifestyle. The following is simply what we've found useful for our two children. 

We've already covered BATHINGSLEEPINGTRAVELINGFEEDING, CLOTHING and so today we'll focus on DRESSING.

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      There are two methods for diapering: disposable and cloth. We have had experience with both methods, and so have a general idea of the needs for each. 


     The following items are based on our experience, and may not be your individual preferences as there are many, many different types of cloth diapers. 

     For additional information on selecting cloth diapers, I recommend reading the following blog post by Corner of Joy- "My Ideal Cloth Diaper Stashes for $100, $350, and $600" , "My Cloth Diaper Stash and Cloth Diaper Favorites", and "Everything You Need to Know to Cloth Diaper from Newborn to Toddler". Amy does a wonderful job at describing cloth diapering in easy to understand terms. I've really enjoyed reading her posts and using them as a guide.  

  • 24 diapers per child- 
    • newborn size x24- Newborn diapers may or may not be worth the investment. It depends on how big the baby is at birth or how fast he/she grows. I purchased Lil Joey 2 Pack All-In-One Cloth Diaper for my second child, and she wore them for just two weeks before moving up to the one size AIO. I ended up reselling them to purchase other items.
    • one size x24- Desiring to keep cloth diapering as simple as possible, I purchased a set of BumGenius Freetime All in One Cloth Diaper. Unfortunately, we have had numerous problems with them and no longer use them. (See my note regarding detergents below!).
    • night- We used HappyEndings "Night, Night" Charcoal Bamboo AIO Diaper for nighttime. It's super bulky but worked wonderfully, even for my heavy wetter.
  • Pail Liners x2- At least two bags is helpful so that one can be in use while the other ones dry
  • Diaper pail- We used a regular trash can with lid.
  • Cloth Wipes- 30 ct.
  • Cloth wipe solution + spray bottle- I've done a wet storage and dry storage method, and liked the dry storage the best. I dilute the solution and keep it in the spray bottle. When needed, I just sprayed the wipe until moist.
  • Cloth diaper detergent- I've used a variety of diaper detergents: Bumgenius, Charlie's Soap and Rockin Green. Unfortunately, I learned a hard lesson in cloth diaper detergents. I noticed the PUL of our diapers no longer being waterproof. I contacted the manufacturer, and was informed that they've had multiple reports of the same issue after use of Rockin Green detergent. So, our entire stash was ruined and now worthless due to a detergent that clearly states is safe for cloth diapers. When it comes to detergents, I highly recommend contacting the diaper manufacturer to ask if they are aware of any issues with any detergents.
      After the demise of our cloth diapers, I began using disposable products. I pains me to buy and throw away these items. However, it also pains me to have hundreds of dollars in cloth diapers that are now worthless, or spend hundreds more replacing our stash. So, for the time being we're using disposables. 
  • Diapers
    • newborn- Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers
      • These were the diapers we first used while in the NICU with Tennyson. They were the most trim and provided the best fit. They are more expensive than other brands, but it was a cost I was okay with considering we didn't use them long.
    • Larger sizes-Luvs Ultra Leakguards Diapers
      • These are the least expensive (not including store brand) and yet the highest quality. Tennyson would wet through everything, even as an infant. Then, we switched to Luvs and we've not had a problem since.
  • Wipes- Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes
    • These were the wipes we first used while in the NICU. We tried other brands, but encountered some being more paper-like than cloth-like and others being rather soapy. These have been perfectly balanced in material and consistency. 
  • Diaper pail-
    • I purchased a couple of Diaper Genie pails on consignment. I've come to not like these pails one bit. They're large (ie smelly with that many diapers) and depend on expensive bag refills. I recommend something smaller and able to be used with regular trash bags, such as this one by Baby Trend.. Fortunately, I paid very little for both of our pails and may replace them in the future. 
  • Travel Diaper Disposal Bags- These are are lovely token of common courtesy when needing to dispose of a stinky diaper when out of the house (especially while at someone else's home!). 
Both methods- changing pad x2. 
  • Our diaper bag came with one pad. I sewed another one for use in other rooms in our home besides the one with the changing table.

Up Next:
  • playing
  • healthcare/ grooming


  1. Ugh how awful that your diapers delaminated! I would have cried! I use Rockin Green and so do several of my friends and have never had an issue with them delaminating. But I do know a few people who dealt with delaminating after repeatedly putting their diaper covers in the dryer (Even though some people say drying them on low is ok). I've never heard of t

    1. I'm still crying! I don't know why some have issues and some are not (I'm glad you're not!). I just know that that particular detergent is what the manufacturer of our diapers informed me as to the cause. I'm still really disgusted and disappointed by the situation. Cloth diapering was one way I was able to make having two in diapers affordable. It pains me to spend so much on disposables, but also pains me to spend double to replace our cloth diapers. Just all around stinky. :/


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