Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

    Thanksgiving brings to mind so many warm memories of the holiday celebration growing up- rising early to watch the parade on tv, selecting the perfect fall outfit, arriving at Grandmom's for a delicious homemade meal and visiting with my family. We all thoroughly enjoyed the food and family time! I wish I could properly relate those sweet moments.

     But, those moments are gone. I haven't been able to attend a family gathering in years. Thanksgiving is just another day, and that saddens me greatly. Not only do I feel the great absence, but so do my children (though they are too young to even know what they're missing). I try to do something out of the ordinary for them on Thanksgiving Day so that the day is at least somewhat special. So, we watch Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and enjoy their eclectic feast of popcorn, jellybeans, toast, and pretzel sticks. I think it's a neat tradition, but it's not the Thanksgiving tradition. 

      I miss my family most this time of year. Christmas is easier now that I have children and can busy myself making memories with them. Thanksgiving is different. Thanksgiving is a time in which families warmly gather together and celebrate the holiday. We will not, though. I wish we were. 

      I try to busy ourselves with 30 Days of Thankfulness Activities and our little Charlie Brown feast as a means of creating memories for our own Thanksgiving celebration as just our family of four. But, on this day my heart keeps returning to the knowledge of that family gathering back home. 

     I hate for this to be such a unpleasant post. It is a heart-felt post, and this is where my heart is currently. Maybe next year will be easier. 

     Regardless of our Thanksgiving Day, I genuinely wish any readers out there enjoy their Thanksgiving Day celebrations. If you're with family and partaking of that delightful feast- lavish it.

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  1. We currently live near my in-laws but several states away from my family and it has def been an adjustment and I feel the pangs of missing my siblings, nieces and nephews, parents and grandparents much more around this holiday season!

    For the most part, I grew up living away from extended family as well. One of the ways my parents really embraced this was by opening their home on Thanksgiving. We had everyone from close family friends to work/school acquaintances come and share a def made for some unique dinners and lots of wonderful memories that helped sooth the pain of not being with extended family.


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