Thursday, November 12, 2015

Baby Items for the First Year: Bathing

      Having a second baby has helped me to refine my list of baby essentials. There were items I thought we'd need, but then didn't. Conversely, there were also items that I wished I had for our first baby, and so then purchased them for our second baby.

          My goal has been to purchases only what we need. While some items need to be available before the baby is born, most other items can be purchased on an as needed basis. Baby essentials lists look intimidating, but it's important to remember that not everything has to be purchased immediately. For instance, you'll have at least six months before he/she begins eating solid food and so a highchair and feeding accessories can be purchased then. Waiting and letting the child show you what is or isn't needed is a great way to make purchases wisely.

     While it is tempting to purchase every little cute thing for a baby, doing so can very quickly stress one's financial resources as well as available space in the home. I have been very particular about not overwhelming our small space with excess things. Less stuff limits how much I'm having to keep a mobile child out of or clean up afterwards. It also allows for a more spacious and peaceful home for us to spend our days in.

     Every Mama is going to have a differently set of essentials based on lifestyle and preferences. However, it is occasionally helpful to see what others have found useful, especially for first time Mamas. I've been asked to provide an expectant mama a list of items I've found helpful, and so I'll share here on the blog as well. Categories will include: bathing, sleeping, feeding, traveling, health/grooming, diapering, clothing, playing and postpartum care for mama. In addition to the itemized list, I'll provide notes as to items we've really enjoyed and those we could have done without. I've also provided (affiliate) links to any specific items that we use.

 *Note: This post contains an affiliate link to I am a personal affiliate with, and as such receive a small compensation for each product purchased through the link provided. (Thank you!).   

  • wash cloths (2 packs)
 I also used these as small clean-up cloths when a full size burp cloth would've been excessive
  • baby wash
Any brand is fine, but I've really enjoyed the smell of Burt's Bees Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash. Regardless, I prefer a combination shampoo + wash product.
  • Nice to have: baby bathtub* 
Note: I bathed my first baby in the kitchen sink. We made it work, but it was a hassle trying to hold on to an infant with one hand and bathe with the other. I purchased a collapsible bathtub for my second child thinking the folding feature would be nice, but found the tub in general difficult to manage a wiggly infant. It is, however, fantastic for transitioning to to big bathtub or for traveling. I think I would have rather purchased something like The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn To Toddler Tub .

Things we didn't need: lotion, baby towels, baby bathrobe
     We still have bottles of baby lotion that we've never used but once or twice. Typically the children want to be dress immediately after a bath, not spend extra time getting cold. They've also never demonstrated dry skin to necessitate lotion (and we live in a rather dry climate!). 
      We could've also done without the baby towels. I typically just used our regular towels. I liked that I could fold them in half and that provide extra softness when laying the baby down to diaper or dress. I eventually resold all of the baby towels we had, and haven't missed them. 

     I do like the baby washcloths over regular washcloths, however. The baby washcloths are thinner and smaller which makes them easier to get in between all those chubby rolls! 

     I've also never had a need for a baby bathrobe. I get them dressed as soon as they are finished with a bath. I also dress them after they wake up in the mornings. So, there has never been an occasion to need a bathrobe for them. 

Up Next: 

  • dressing
  • diapering
  • playing
  • traveling
  • sleeping
  • feeding

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