Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Baby Items for the First Year: Sleeping

   This post is a continuation of a "Baby Items for the First Year" series. In it, I'm sharing items that we've found to be essential as well as those that we've not found necessary. Every Mama's list is going to look different based on preferences and lifestyle. The following is simply what we've found useful for our two children. 

We've already covered BATHING, and so today we'll focus on sleeping.

*Note: This post contains an affiliate link to Amazon.com. I am a personal affiliate with Amazon.com, and as such receive a small compensation for each product purchased through the link provided. (Thank you!).  


  • crib
   We chose very basic cribs that will convert to toddler beds. (Considering how Tennyson teethed on the edge of his crib, I'm glad we didn't buy more expensive ones!). I recommend selecting a crib that will convert to a toddler bed. This is a great way to extend the value of the crib purchase.
  • crib mattress
I originally bought a cheaper mattress, but was not satisfied with it. I then bought a better quality one. I don't believe a top of the line mattress is necessary, but I do believe a quality mattress is important for quality rest. Note: always buy a mattress new. 
  • mattress pad x2
I prefer the mattress pad that tucks under the mattress. The one that simply sits on top of the mattress tends to slide around under the sheet. Always a good idea to have two so that there is something to put back on the bed while the other one washes. Note: mattress pads are also helpful for providing a warm barrier between the cold plastic mattress and crib sheet. 
  • crib sheet x2
Again, it's a good idea to have two so that one is always available to be on the bed. 
  • swaddle wrap x2
We've had one baby who wouldn't sleep swaddled and one who will only sleep swaddled! For our swaddled baby, we've loved the ease of the SwaddleMe wraps . We've found just two of these is sufficient. I wash one with the bedsheets, and she uses the other one until the next sheet wash day. 
     This has been such a valuable piece of baby gear! We've used a fancy style and a basic style, and have found the basic one best. It's much easier to store and use, in our opinion. 
      We use a pack n' play for two purposes. First, it serves as an initial bed. Our babies sleep in our room until they are able to sleep through the night (I don't care for walking the hallway between rooms throughout the night). We originally had a moses basket bassinet for them, but they would outgrow it before being ready to move into the crib in the other room. A pack n' play accommodates them from newborn through the first year. 

    We also use a pack n' play for a playpen. It's very useful for containing little ones once they are mobile. We have one set up downstairs, and Tennyson has "pack n' play time" after each meal which allows me to clean the kitchen and dining room back up uninterrupted. 

  • pack n' play sheets x2
     We chose a basic monitor. We used it extensively for our first child. For our second, we realized that we could hear her just fine when she woke in our small home! So, we've not used the monitor unless we were going to step outside for a moment while she naps (taking out the mail, taking the trash out etc). (We have a basic monitor just for listening, which serves the purpose. There are times, though, I'd love to have a visual of my toddler going through his songs and dances while he puts himself to sleep! This would be for amusement purposes only, and does not justify the additional cost for me).
  • Nice to have: crib mobile or something for them to look at while in the crib
     We haven't had anything like this for our babies. It just wasn't ever at the top of my list for purchases. There have been many times, though, that they having something to look at once they woke instead of crying would have been nice. 

Things we didn't need: bed bumpers, bedding (other than sheets)
     There has never been a need for crib bumpers. On two occasions, Tennyson managed to get his little feet outside the crib slats but was never hurt or even bothered by it. 

      We've also skipped purchasing any crib bedding besides bed sheets. We've chosen to dress our babies warmly instead of providing a blanket. I prefer the cribs to not have a bedskirt because it's much easier to keep those areas clean if I can see underneath it at all times. 

Up Next: 

  • dressing
  • diapering
  • playing
  • traveling
  • feeding


  1. I love this series! I'm 35 weeks with our first little one and still trying to navigate what we really "need." There is so much junk out there that I have friends completely overwhelmed with the amount of baby stuff overtaking their lives!

    1. First, congratulations! How exciting! I'll be praying for you- healthy mama & healthy baby!

      Second, the amount of baby items available is completely overwhelming (at least it has been to me). I'm glad you've found my list of items helpful so far. There are still several more posts remaining (traveling, playing, clothing, diapering, feeding etc). Hopefully I can get those up soon! :)


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