Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Revised Cleaning Routine

      A balanced cleaning routine is essential in my homemaking. I cannot possibly keep up with the housework and the children without a plan in place. I don't have a lot of time to devote exclusively to cleaning our home, and so I need to be able to divide the workload among the week days. 

     I've long had a cleaning routine, but I'm finding that it is in need of a few adjustments as our family has grown and changed. (Plans should always be able to be adjusted as needs change!). I still aim to tidy just two rooms and complete one deep cleaning task each day. This amount is the minimum that I can realistically accomplish presently with two very young children. 

     Even with so few tasks, I still don't accomplish all that I plan. Some days there is housework that needs caught up, or children who need a little more playtime with and attention from Mama. By the end of the week there may be a day's worth of tasks remaining. They still need done, and so I try to find some time on Saturdays to do them. This isn't ideal for me because I want to rest during the weekends too. Having less to do during my weekend provides good motivation to work hard during the week.

    Part of working hard is to also work smart. As I work out a plan, I can see what aspects do and don't work. I can then make necessary revisions so that I may continue to strive for excellence in my home. For this new routine, I switched up some of the rooms to be tidied and repeated certain deep cleaning tasks. For instance, I grouped both bathrooms together so that I am using the same tools and actions. I also found that with as much traffic as our kitchen and dining room floors see each day, they are in need of more frequent mopping. (Our linoleum traps dirt in those deep dimples and is a task to keep clean. I hate linoleum! haha). I believe this will work much better for our family right now. 

(Click image for larger view)

    I insert the printed cleaning routine into a plastic page protector, and then have it displayed in the main area of our home so that I can easily see it. When I complete a task I happily mark it off the list with a dry erase marker. There is great satisfaction in seeing the sheet turn pink or blue or green etc! I also copy the tasks into my planner book as part of my weekly planning

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