Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tot School: Unit 2- Facial Expressions

     This week we're reading the book Baby Faces by Margaret Miller  , and completing some activities inspired by the book. For whatever reason, I've found that large photos of faces are really captivating for little ones. So, for our activities this week we're going to focus on the subject matter of the book- facial expressions.

Day 1: Make Faces Together to Match Book
     I read him the word on each page and made the appropriate face. Afterwards, I would ask him to make the same face. He was definitely intrigued by the faces, but didn't make them himself. Oh well, at least he still enjoyed the faces (even if I was the only one making them!).

Day 2: Velcro Mr. Potato Head Activity

(This facial expression by my husband. haha)
   Ideally, an actual Mr. Potato Head toy would have been great. We don't have one currently, but perhaps I can get one for him soon. In the meanwhile, I created a paper version for him. I printed the images from an online source, laminated them, and then used small velcro dots to adhere the pieces to the appropriate spots on the paper spud. During play, I'd say something like "I found Mr. Potato's ear! Where is your ear? Can you find Mama's/Annelise's ear? Where should we put Mr. Potato's ear?" Then, we'd place a piece, remove it, place another piece etc. One of the best parts of this activity being a paper version is that it easily fits into a pouch for a busy bag!

Day 3: Make Faces in Mirror
     Again, I made faces into a mirror and he watched with amusement. He's going to make those faces too one day (he's too amused by then not to!).

Day 4: Flip Through Family Faces Book Together

     Tennyson has a facebook! Just kidding! I did make a faces book for him, though. Since we live at a distance from all family, I thought it would be good for him to have a little photo book of all his family members. I simply printed out photos of his parents, sister, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. I then backed the photos with colored cardstock (one color for each family group), and then laminated all for durability. Lastly, a hole punch and binder ring made it into a book. We flipped through the little book several times and talked about who each person was. We might be at a distance, but we can still stay connected to family. :)

 (Note: I think I'd rather just done a small Shutterfly photobook when they offer a free photobook coupon code. That would definitely have been simpler! I didn't have time to create on and have it arrive by the time I planned for us to do this activity. Perhaps I will go back and do one in the future. My homemade version worked out just as well).

Day 5: Happy/Sad Face Card Sorting

     This idea originally came from The Princess and the Tot (awesome resource for tot trays!). Like her, I found images online of individuals demonstrating a happy or sad face. I laminated the cards for durability as usual. Then, we flipped through the cards noting if the person was showing a happy or a sad face. Happy faces were placed into the happy face bin and sad faces into the sad face bin. It was a pretty fun activity. I think he'll enjoy doing this again in the future. 

Busy Bag:
     The Mr. Potato Head activity doubled as our busy bag creation this week. :)

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