Saturday, June 6, 2015

Bits of Happiness in Our Day

    Just a quick little daily life kind of post for today. These are a few points of our day yesterday. Occasionally, I want to pause for a moment to record these times. They go by so fast, and yet are so precious.

1) I was up early, and decided to use the time to write. I haven't written any kind of composition (versus the more journal-like style on this blog) in over a year! It's been difficult to find the time and thinking capacity for writing after becoming a Mama. I finally feel like we're settling into a good groove in life, and can better entertain the activity. (Just in time for a new baby, of course!). I picked up in writing the book on homemaking that I had started back in 2013. As I looked over the table of contents, outlines, and previously written material I became inspired and motivated for the continued work in and completion of this project. It felt so good to work on it again. I'd really like to see this book dream come to reality at some point.

2) As I was holding Tennyson, I looked to him and said, "do you know that I love you?" He looked back at me, leaned in, wrapped his arms around me and then gave me a "kiss" on the cheek. He is the sweetest!

3) We enjoyed the morning at the library for storytime and playtime. Some days he does well with being quiet and still. Other days, he'd rather explore and talk. Yesterday was the latter situation. At 9 months pregnant, I couldn't keep getting up from the group circle on the floor to chase him and bring him back. So, he got to play in the play area instead of participate in story time. Our friends soon joined us, which was fun. The boys are only a month apart in age, and it's so cute to watch them playing together! He has a little sister expected to arrive in August, which will make she and Annelise only two months a part in age. Two sets of playmates for playdates!

4) We enjoyed National Donut Day! David and I got coffees and a couple of cake donuts. Yum! Although, I should've stopped at one donut because two was too much. Ah, temptations. It was a fun splurge though. I hope to continue to make fun moments like these a part of our children's lives. (Tennyson did get a few pinches of the inside of my blueberry cake donut. Not much, but just a taste).

5) We spent a little time on the porch enjoying the sunshine. It has been so gray and chilly lately. Tennyson thoroughly enjoys taking the decorative marbles out of the flower pot tray and placing them into the watering can or off the side of the porch. His latest skill fixation is transferring. If an object can be transferred from place or container to another, then he'll do precisely that. I really enjoy watching him discover and perfect one skill after another!
     Likewise, I love his little toddling walk and jibber-jabbering! He's articulating more and more words. Moments like he picking out a book, saying the word "book," and then bringing it to me to read to him just delight my heart.
      I'm equally thrilled that he's finally demonstrating some of the sign language signs we've been teaching him since the beginning. We just had to wait for the fine motor skill development to match the knowledge of the signs.

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