Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Blogging and Motherhood

     Blogging has taken a backseat in life since becoming a mama. As much as I enjoy creating posts and sharing with others through blogging, I've found that my attention, energy and time are called elsewhere more often. 

      I've learned that for our day to go smoothly I need to have myself and my day in order. In other words, I need to wake early, get myself fully ready, and have breakfast ready before everyone else is awake. Considering I'm in a season of disrupted sleep with little ones, I need to partake of naptime myself in order to stay energetic and positive throughout the day. I also need to utilize moments in the day to take care of housework so that we may live in peace, instead of chaos. I need to take a moment to plan and prepare activities so that idleness doesn't lead to destructiveness or otherwise undesirable behaviors. My days are rather full with the daily necessities of life!

     I've come to see life as a mama in terms of seasons. Right now as a mama of a young toddler (and soon to be infant as well), my time and energy are directed towards caring for him and our home. I've learned to come to terms with the fact that my "me time" for personal interests is severely limited currently. That's okay! In time, he'll be more independent and we will all have gained more independent time. Right now, though, he's still quite dependent upon me. When he's awake, I want to be fully present with him and in our home. I want to soak up these fleeting moments together, even at the sacrifice of my personal interests.

     I've also learned to come to terms with the fact that just because other mamas can balance blogging and motherhood, doesn't necessarily mean it's appropriate for me to do so as well. I'm assuming they have found a way to blend the two interests in a way that is suitable to her and her family's life. I have not found such to be the case for myself or our family life. It is not a worthy effort for me to try to be like or do like someone else. I must do according to what is best for me and my family. I've determined that that must mean that blogging and other personal interests will simply have to wait until another season in life.

      With that said, I still really miss getting to document our day/life and share the journey. It's so sweet look back through past posts and reread with fondness on those times. Without pausing to create that record, I feel like time and life passes me by even faster. I want to hold on to these moments with my husband and child(ren) (and this mama's memory isn't so great without written record!). I also enjoy sharing the ideas and practices that we've found helpful along the way. I've always eager to learn from others, and have found such encouragement from bloggers. My hope has always been that perhaps what I've found to be helpful will in turn be helpful to someone else. Finally, blogging and connecting with others on a similar journey can be a lot of fun!

       So, yes, as much as I've come to accept the limited opportunity for interests such as blogging as a mama, I've also missed it. Occasionally, I can find a moment to create a post, and will continue to enjoy doing so. So, I suppose the sum of this post is just to express my longing desire to create more blog posts but reaffirm my decision to accept the limited opportunity and continue pouring my greatest attention, energy and time into that which matters most to me- home and family.

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