Friday, April 10, 2015

Focused Play: Shape Puzzle

Hape First Shapes Puzzle (link below) 
     Hape has become one of our favorite brands for quality toys. This particular shape puzzle by the company is fantastic. What makes this puzzle different is that the pieces can fit in any direction. This is perfect for early learners! It's also simplified with only four main shapes in distinct colors. It's one of Tennyson's favorites!
     The puzzle is not only fun to him, but also a great learning tool. There are several ways to encourage learning through play with this puzzle:
  • Name the colors
  • Name the shapes
  • Demonstrate the unique edges of each shape. For example, show child how the triangle has three sides.
  • Count the pieces
  • Help child place each piece in their proper slot on the board
  • Ask child to hand you a certain piece based on color or shape.
    He's pretty good about placing the pieces in the board. We can also ask for a piece of a certain color and he'll hand us a piece. He doesn't always get them correct, but he's learning! He has other puzzles, but this one is by far the best beginner puzzle. I highly recommend it!
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