Sunday, March 8, 2015

Spring Forward!

      Daylight savings time has arrived! Tennyson actually did pretty well with the time change, and even slept in a bit. I, on the other hand, was restless during the night and decided to get up with my alarm at 6:30am 5:30am. I use my phone as my alarm clock and it didn't change over to the new time, so I ended up getting up an hour earlier. The extra time was kind of nice because then I could go downstairs to get some laundry in the wash and even made some whole wheat blueberry muffins for us for breakfast.

Breakfast smoothies! A certain little someone
decided he liked mine better. haha!
     By the time we were ready to go to church, however, my sleepless night hit me hard. The time change also interfered with Tennyson's normal morning naptime, and he ended up skipping that nap all together. He was a bit of a handful in church to say the least. His activity was probably a combination of his increasing mobility and sleepiness. We made it though!

    He later took a good afternoon nap. Meanwhile, I tried to nap a little as well but didn't have much luck. I just couldn't sleep and then Miss Annelise decided to be a wiggle worm. So, I decided to get up and try to get working on some things around the house. David was already busy helping with the housework and taking care of the oil change for the Yaris. So grateful to have those two tasks finally marked off the list!

     It always feels like a giant load lifted when the house is clean(er). My spirits were also lifted today by some much missed sunshine! My biggest grievance of living where we do isn't the cold or snow, but the constant gray skies. This is only the second time I can recall this winter we've had some sunshine. I need some more sunshine in life! It just does wonders for one's spirit. The addition of birds singing and grass becoming visible again brought me into a better mood to where I wasn't as aware at how tired I was. I'm ready for spring! I can't wait for stroller walks with the kids and afternoons spent playing in the "backyard" or at the nearby park! Those days won't be too far away. I did a quick check on our weather forecast to see upper 40s-50s - yippee!

    This evening we joined a couple friends of ours for dinner. I always thoroughly enjoy visiting with friends in each others' homes. I could chat all night, especially on the subject of kids and parenting. That was the topic of choice for the evening as one of the couples has now joined the parenting club! So exciting! It's incredible to think that just two years ago, we were three couples who wondered if we'd ever have children. Here we are today with two children present and three on the way!
Daddy is the best! Love these guys! :)

    I think they were surprised by how big my baby belly has gotten. I continue to be amazed myself! It's incredible to think that I'm as big now as I was with Tennyson when he was born at 33 weeks! I'm only 26 weeks along though. haha.

    Tennyson did really well during the gathering. He behaved as expected by being rather reserved in the beginning. He later warmed up enough to crawl around and talk. He did well in eating the potato soup provided. I'm so grateful that he's not a picky eater and we can take him places for a meal without a fuss. He wasn't too sure of the little Yorkie dog. He wanted to touch her, but wasn't too sure. He's not been around pets much at all. He ended the night with a massive poopy diaper. Oh, goodness. Good thing I skipped the cloth diaper and had him in a disposable. I certainly wouldn't want to try to clean that one up while away from the comforts of our home diaper sprayer and pail!

     Although, I've been quite tired today it's turned out to be a pretty good day. If I can stay awake I may try to get in a couple pages in the book I've been trying to read. Then again, I may just go to sleep while I can. :)

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