Friday, March 13, 2015

Focused Play: Lid Fit

     Tennyson has recently been highly entertained by placing lids on containers. I have a bag of breastmilk storage bottles and lids from when he was an infant, and they seem to be the perfect size for his little hands to manipulate. He will sit for quite a while placing the lid on the bottle and then taking it back off. It's great to watch how he'll work with the bottle and lid to get them each in the correct position and then aligned with one another. I also enjoy watching his big grin of accomplishment when he successfully places the lid on.

     I have a feeling that very soon he'll also learn how to twist the lids on and off these bottles as well!

Materials: Various containers with lids (Use kitchen items! Hello, free!)

To Play: Allow child access to a variety of lids and containers. Show the child how each lids fits onto the container. Say "on" when placing it on, and then "off" when removing it. Ask child to take the lid off or put it on. Of course, clap and cheer when he/she accomplishes it each time!

Warning this activity could lead to mischief!
I was washing dishes and noticed Tennyson had gotten quiet. I looked over to discovered that he had pulled the raisin container off the pantry shelf, opened it, and was casually helping himself to a snack. It was such a cute moment! (And now I know that he loves raisins! haha)

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