Monday, March 30, 2015

Focused Play: Easter Footprint Art

     We did a handprint art for Christmas, and I thought Easter would be a good time to do another hand/footprint art project.

     I decided that a footprint would probably be easier to do with a little one than a handprint. After seeing several ideas on Pinterest, I decided upon a footprint carrot. I thought the carrot needed a little extra something to make it more Easter themed, so I drew a little bunny to hold the carrot.

     - cardstock paper or construction paper
     - washable (finger) paint

To Play:
     It took us a couple of days and a dozen or more tries to get good footprints. It's rather difficult to get a clear footprint from a round, wiggly foot! haha. So, we did a few attempts one day and then a few more another day.

      Eventually, we got some good prints! We made three copies: one for us and one to send to each set of grandparents. I really liked how it came out, and know I'll cherish having that sweet little footprint as a keepsake of this moment with him.

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