Friday, March 20, 2015

Focused Play: Easter Egg Drop

     Easter is only a few weeks away, and so I wanted to begin incorporating some Easter themed activities for our focused play time. At this age (14 months), Tennyson loves putting things "in," which is great for motor skill development.
    This particular activity consists of dropping plastic Easter eggs through the cut out hole and into the container. He can very easily sit down and accomplish this activity independently. It's so fun to see his focus and determination in getting the eggs to drop into the container!
Materials: container with hold cut into lid (I've used an oatmeal container) and plastic Easter eggs ($0.88)
To Play:
  • Independent play- allow child to place eggs into container independently
  • Colors- name the colors of each egg dropped into the container (ie, "Yay! You dropped the blue egg in!"
  • Counting- count the eggs
(Sorry it's sideways. I don't know how to rotate a video within Blogger.)
(And from this video I've realized that I need to learn more praise phrases than "good job!" haha)
     Tennyson will play with this activity off and on. He seems to really enjoy it!

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