Sunday, February 1, 2015

Resolutions In Review

     I set four resolutions for 2015: 1) 52 Week Savings Plan, 2) 52 Week Projects, 3) 52 Week Bible Reading in Chronological Order and 4) 4) Proactive vs. Reactive In My Days. Now that the first month of the year has gone by, I thought I'd do a little review of those resolutions.

1) 52 Week Savings Plan- This was tougher than I expected! According to the plan I'm following the beginning of the year requires the greatest amounts of savings and then it tapers off as the year continues. We had numerous out of the ordinary expenses this month, and so the weekly deposit was frequently skipped. I made up for it by the end of the month, though, when we received some extra, non-salary income. So, at the conclusion of the month the amount saved is still the same as if I had been putting that money aside each week. I think next month will be a bit easier with less expenses and less amounts to be saved each week. I'm still motivated to be able to present David with the saved "seed money" for his life's dream by the end of the year!

2) 52 Projects- This month's projects ended up making this photobook month.
  • (done) 1 family yearbook of 2014 for David's parents for their Christmas gift
  • (done) 1 family yearbook of 2014 for my parents for their Christmas gift
(both families were told that their gifts would arrive in January. I wanted to be able to include
          Tennyson's first Christmas in their books)
  • (in progress) 1 pregnancy journal photobook of my pregnancy with Tennyson- (I took all the weekly blog update posts and turned them into a photobook. I still have to proofread all the text and then will wait until the next holiday to order so I can get a discount code.
  • (incomplete)  1 family yearbook of 2014 for us- This book is intended to include the majority of the photos I've taken of our family during 2014. I also intend to order a cd of all the photos taken to be kept in the back of the yearbook. This is my solution for not having loose photos to store. I also think the book will be more fun for the kids to look through one day. If we need any pictures printed then I can access all of them with the cd)
  •  (incomplete) 1 pregnancy journal photobook of my pregnancy with Annelise started - I intended to go ahead and start converting the weekly blog updates into a photobook so that I don't have to create the entire book at once after she arrives.
    I got behind on completing each project this month. One reason was that I paused to work on projects for Tennyson's first birthday. I also started doing more daily life blog posts during my "project time" in the evenings. I've really enjoyed getting to reflect and record our family life though. Another reason for so many incomplete projects this month was that I just got tired of doing the same type of project each week. I'll probably take a break from finishing the photobooks for next month and then pick them back up later. I've also considered adding planning and preparing date nights for David and I to my project list each month. It's been too easy for us to get caught up in the busyness and exhaustion of life and neglect to put forth effort to remain connected. So, for next month:
  • organized toy storage/rotation- purchase additional tote for storage & create toy inventory list for rotation
  • date night- to be determined
  • felt food- strawberries (I've been itching to do some felt food!)
  • date night- to be determined
3) 52 Week Bible Reading in Chronological Order- I've completed about three out of the five weeks of reading according to the per day plan. I got behind because some days are rather difficult for sitting down and reading five or more chapters. I've tried to at least read 1-3 chapters a day. Fortunately, the Bible never says to read a specific amount each day. It simply encourages believers to be in the Word. I've done that more than I've ever done before. It's been really encouraging to remain spiritually connected each day. I'll continue reading in the same fashion for next month. I might catch up, but I might not. It's perfectly fine! I'm still doing it! :)

4) Proactive vs. Reactive in my Days- I created a new schedule for us to accommodate his 12 month development. Our days have been going much better! Being proactive by scheduling the day may not be for everyone, but it definitely works for us! I do still need to work on executing the cleaning routine better. We'll simply continue to work towards following the daily schedule and cleaning routine next month.

     So, some areas were successful and some will need some revisions. I did get a lot more accomplished than I would have had I not set these resolutions. The most important aspect is that I'm still highly motivated to see these goals accomplished!

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