Saturday, February 28, 2015

Recent Reads: #1

    Throughout the week, I'll come across articles online that will serve as an encouragement to me. I thought I might begin saving them in a weekly post so that I could reread them when a reminder is necessary. I also thought some of them may be of an encouragement to anyone who reads this blog. If so, enjoy! :)

"Making the Most of the Younger Years"
     The little years can be tough. They're certainly tougher and busier than I ever imagined and I'm just getting started! This post was such a refreshing reminder that despite it all the most important task I have before me is reaching their hearts for Christ. As a parent, it's my top priority to disciple my children. How quickly I forget!

"How Do You Keep Up with All Your Kids"
     I thought this article was a great piece on keeping up with each child's emotional, spiritual and physical needs. As we are soon to transition our attention from one child to two, the wisdom shared in this article was a good learning piece.

"Why Your Children Annoy You and Your Homemaking Is Boring"
    This is such a needed message about the enticement of escapes like the internet. I personally love reading articles, browsing blog sites, and pinning interesting ideas on Pinterest. And, I'll confess, there have been many times in which these activities have struck me as much more exciting than the work involved in caring for the home and family, especially during difficult moments. I must agree with the author that this can too easily lead to discontentment and disengagement in one's home and family- entities that have far greater value. I feel the need to reprioritize things in life after reading this article!

"I Signed Up For This"
    Here it is- a big slap in the face. I wanted this role. I gave up a career to focus on home and family. Yet, I've struggled so deeply with handling just how demanding it can be. I don't think I'm alone either. I think this struggle is rampant among mamas.  It's like we wanted this role, but didn't quite realize what exactly we were signing up for and in turn have been exasperated and exhausted by it. This article was such a good wake up call to me. In the future I'll be reciting, "I signed up for this" and "therefore take joy in it" during those difficult moments.

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