Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Monster Nap

    I haven't done a "daily life" post in a while. I've kind of missed recording our time together! There's no time like the present to begin again!

    Today has been "off" to say the least. Last night was the third night in which I felt awake most of the night. My mind and body are functioning in slow motion today! We've all been rather sleep deprived lately. Tennyson slept until the 8 o'clock hour, at which time he just laid in bed and chatted a bit. This is very unusual for him. He usually wakes within the 6 o'clock hour when we're up and starting the day. Even though he wasn't fussing to be gotten out of bed, I went ahead and got him up. I think he had rather stayed though. He just had a hard time with each step of the morning's activities. A couple hours later I laid him back down for a morning nap and he proceeded to sleep for three hours! I kept checking on him, and began to be concerned that he may be coming down with something. However, after the monster nap he seemed refreshed enough to make it through another few hours of the day before needing some more rest.

     I probably should have napped during that time this morning, but I had a fun crafty "teeny tot school" project that I was itching to complete. I left the dishes and laundry for the time being and enjoyed getting my creative juices flowing. Creativity is such an essential element of my being, and I am so much happier when I can get a project in now and then! Tennyson is a bit young to free play with this particular activity currently, so we mainly just talked about the pieces. It will be even more fun for him when he can work with it a little better. (And when that time comes I'll be glad I already had it made!). (I'll share the full project on this Friday's "Focused Play Friday" post :) ).

(Poor little bruised head. Learning to walk
independently is rough stuff!)
     I later did catch a little nap during the afternoon. I think we both hit a wall by 4pm, and desperately needed a little rest. David came home from work afterwards, and I took advantage of he and Tennyson getting in some playtime while I shopped online. Hard to believe I've officially outgrown my pants that aren't a full panel. I also have several shirts that I've worn since my first pregnancy and they're getting pretty worn out. Also on my list was a handful of camisoles that I'll rework to make nursing camis. I was super excited to see that DownEast Basics now have halftee style camisoles! I purchased several dresses many months ago to wear after the baby arrives (for a C-section, dresses are amazing because nothing touches). However, they all needed sleeves and a higher neckline. Hooray for this one halftee that meets all the needs and makes each dress wearable! I'm finally getting all the pieces I've needed to fill in the gaps of my maternity/post-partum wardrobe (a task I've put off for months). With only 10 weeks left until we meet this little girl, I'm feeling an intense desire to get completely ready. I think being caught so completely off-guard the first time has left a permanent impression on me to be fully ready as soon as possible. I'm very grateful to be able to simply place various orders for clothing items, and not have to worry about not having anything (or anything appropriate) to wear once the baby arrives.

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