Friday, February 13, 2015

Focused Play: Smelling Bottles

     These simple bottles kept little man entertained for quite a while! He enjoyed manipulating the flip caps and exploring the various scents. They were such a fun (and inexpensive!) activity to add to our day(s). I imagine these will be refilled with lots of different scents and used many more times!
  • Set of travel bottles
  • Scents such as extracts or essential oils. Fresh herbs would be wonderful when they're available! 
     If using extracts or oils, then simply apply liquid to a cotton ball and then drop it into the bottle. A few leaves or sprig of fresh herbs would work well also. (You could put a piece of hosiery or cheese cloth over the opening before screwing on the lid if you choose to use anything that might come out through the pour spout.)
     For young children, simply allow them to explore the bottles and scents. For older children, a matching game could be made from this activity. Create two bottles of each scent. Don't label the bottles! Take some time to allow the child to become familiar with each scent. Then, ask the child to match the scent bottles.

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