Monday, February 23, 2015

Focused Play: Pots & Pans Play

     Tennyson really enjoys exploring our home environment and the many interesting things in it. Often, he finds our everyday household items much more interesting than his toys. That makes for an easy focused play activity!
    Pots & pans are a fun play activity for him and super inexpensive for me (whoo hoo for free!). Plus, there are so many learning extension opportunities! I've listed a few ideas below:
  • lid fit- demonstrate how different lids fit different size pots
  • big & small- talk about which pot is "small" and which is "big"
  • loud & soft- use a cooking utensil to bang softly on a pot and then loudly. Alternatively, drop a hard object into the pan (like a wooden ball), and then drop a soft object (like a foam ball)
  • in & out- select an item to place "in" the pot and then take it "out." Ask child to perform the task
  • pretend- select items to "cook." Use a cooking utensil to stir.
  • transfer- practice transferring items from inside of one pot to inside the other.
    Although we went through all these concepts, the main purpose is just exploration and play. He enjoyed putting block in the pots. He would also repeatedly remove the lids and place them back on with a bang. I think he really enjoyed making the loud sounds!
     Overall, it was a pretty successful focused play activity! I'm sure we'll pull out the pots, pans, and other kitchen cookware for another playtime in the future. :)

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