Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Taste of Toddlerhood

     For the past couple of days Tennyson has fought taking a morning nap. He may be visibly tired, but yet refuses to go down for a nap. I'm not entirely surprised by the sudden onset of this change. He's made all big development gains in this manner. One day he doesn't roll over at all, and the next he's rolling all over the room. One day he doesn't hand and knee crawl, and the next he's racing all around our home. One day he doesn't reach up or pull up, and the next he's standing up and climbing on anything nearby. One day he's being fed baby food, and the next he's fully self-feeding table foods. You get the idea. He's not done a gradual approach to anything. It's like he one day decides to master a skill and just does it. Persistence, independence and strong-will are a few characteristics that describe both David and I, and so we've been anticipating having a child with similar qualities, which seems to be true for Tennyson so far. Anyways, I could try to fight encourage him to continue to take a morning nap. I know he needs that extra rest. (I'm also not quite ready to lose my morning break!). But, perhaps it's time to allow him to try taking only one nap a day. Perhaps his resistance is him telling me that he's ready. If he can hold himself together, then we'll continue. If not, then we'll go back to trying to maintain two naps. Trial and error. 

     We spent the afternoon playing indoors and watching it snow. It's a pretty wet snow that didn't accumulate much, so I decided not to get us bundled up to go out in it. He contentedly watched it fall from the window. He especially enjoyed the snow plows coming through!


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