Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Flying Solo Once Again

He's become just a good teeth brusher!
     I'm still amazed that Tennyson is a year old already. I think back over the course of this past year and am in awe of the moments we've shared together. Yet, I sadly know there are so many more that I simply can't recall. The exhaustion and stress of being a first-time mama, and that of a preemie no less, has left such gapping holes in my memory. I find myself desiring to making a greater effort to record more of our days and moments. They seem so insignificant at the moment, but I know they'll be so special later.  

"Here, Mama! I'm done!"

     David has been away on a trip for work. I was a bit nervous about him being gone because I've grown so accustomed to parenting as a team. We have such a great give and take flow between us in getting the daily tasks done. With him gone, I would be on my own for all of the child care and housework. I'm so grateful to have a partner in parenting!

Special slumber party night since Daddy was away.
      Tennyson and I had some great bonding time. We also had our challenges, but worked our way through them. (It didn't help that the house was still quite messy from the weekend, which made even more work at a time that I didn't have an extra set of helping hands). I made a point to rest for at least an hour each day. I knew I wouldn't have sufficient energy to complete all tasks in the day without additional rest. Even still, I hit a wall at dinner time. Then, Tennyson took an extra hour to be put to bed for the night. I suppose he was thrown off by me putting him to bed instead of his Daddy. We eventually got there and then I was able to finish up some dishes and laundry before heading to bed myself. One fun aspect of it just being Tennyson and I was that I allow ourselves a little cozy slumber party at night. When he woke at midnight, I brought him back to bed with me. He wiggled around until he found just the right position, and then slept the entire night like a champ. I, of course, didn't sleep so well but I enjoyed every moment of getting to cuddle with him. Although, I discovered that though he may be small he is the biggest bed hog I've ever encountered! haha! He must have gotten a good night's sleep because he was a live wire the next day. I'm not sure if I've seen him so energetic! He even skipped his morning nap. By the time David got home in the afternoon, though, that missed sleep had caught up to him. He cuddled and napped on David while I went to pick up a few things at Target. (Snow's coming, and so better be stocked up on necessary baby items, you know!).

Happy and refreshed from a night's rest!

       I've really cherished our time together. There may not be too many opportunities for just Tennyson and Mama to be together like that. Soon, there'll be two little ones having a slumber party with Mama. Haha. It's interesting to think back to the last time I flew solo, and how much smoother this time went. Perhaps it's easier as Tennyson gets older, or perhaps I'm finally getting the hang of this mothering job. Either way, I'm grateful for the time we had together and also grateful for David's return home to us.

He missed his Daddy.

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