Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Mama's Intuition

I sent these to our parents and siblings' families.
       We chose not to find out the gender of our first child before he was born. We had several reason, and one of them was to allow us that moment in the delivery room in which "it's a boy!" or "it's a girl!" is announced. I wanted the surprise. By the time he arrived, however, my mama intuition was so certain it was a boy that the announcement was no surprise at all. I just knew the baby was a boy. I mean, 98.9% certain.
       So, this time we decided to go ahead and find out the gender. David and I joked about who would be right for quite a while. He was guessing we'd have another boy, but my mama's intuition was strongly saying "girl." I'm not sure exactly when I began to instinctively refer to the baby as a girl but I know that it was quite early. I remember getting the room reshifted early on to accommodate two children and all the while wondering if various elements would be good for a boy and a girl. And every time I daydreamt about meeting this little one, the baby was always a girl. I'm not sure how it is that a mama can automatically sense the gender of her child within her, but it's pretty awesome!
        Anyways, as you might have guessed we're having a...  
Okay, so this idea isn't original. It's been used numerous times and displayed on Pinterest and social media sites. I still thought it was cute though, especially since we live in PA (home of Hershey!)
      We've chosen the name: "Annelise Michelle" for her. I can't wait to meet her!


  1. YAY! A Girl! how exciting! Beautiful name. I am consistently wrong in my gender guesses, even my own, as I was convinced Victoria was a boy!

    1. Thanks! I'm eager to get to the store and pick up some girlie preemie clothes!

      I've known many others who have guessed wrong or had no guess at all of the gender of their babies. For whatever reason, I've been 99% certain for both of mine. So interesting how that occurs, and occurs differently for everyone. hah :)


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