Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Time Has Come...

     Tennyson has been a busy little guy this month. All of a sudden he decided to begin crawling and pulling up, which means he's now everywhere and into everything. It's been exciting to see him explore and become much more a part of our home environment. It's also been a huge reality check for me in how well (or not well) I maintain the cleanliness of our home.
     His curiosity and new mobility have reiterated what I feared for so long- the house must be kept super clean at all times. He has a knack for finding the tiniest bit of rubbish on the floor. When he sees it, he goes for it, and then promptly consumes it. We've joked about he pooping a Christmas tree one day because it seems like we're constantly removing from his hands the bits that have fallen off the tree and onto the floor. Haha.
      In all seriousness, I'm getting a fresh look at the necessity for keeping a clean home. I'll confess that I'm not the most disciplined in this area. It's a disciple and skill I never quite learned. I grew up in a home in which the home was a place of relaxation, not work. When the housework did build up too much, there as an explosion of cleaning and fighting. Housework days were very tense and very ineffective.
     The key is maintenance not burst cleaning. Thus, the practicality of a cleaning routine. A cleaning routine isn't as effective without the development of discipline. The simple notion of picking up after myself immediately would make such a huge difference in the state of my home. Yet, most days I just want to leave it and go to bed. (Yep, I'm going to bed tonight with the kitchen a mess. yuck). I have got to be more diligent about developing greater discipline in cleanliness for our home. It's important I not be constantly taking things away from the kids or telling them "no" for things that simply should be put up in the first place. It's also important that they learn from example the proper way to maintain a home, our personal property, and taking responsibility for our messes. I want them to grow up with a peaceful home, not one that is chaotic and messy. It's important.
Now for quite a few photos of him and his newfound mobility. I love his facial expressions in these! He's so proud of his accomplishments:)
I was doing dishes while he played in the living room. At one point I could hear him but not see him. I discovered him behind the couch! He had wiggled his way all the way back there! Of course, in true Tennyson style he came back out with a big grin on his face.
"I'll get that pan for you, Mama"
"I'll help! I'll pull out this plate...and spoon... and lid for you!"
Those two big boxes are my tree barrier. They're just moving boxes stuffed with several of our thickest books. It was completely effective when we set things up at the beginning of the month. Now, they're serving as means for practicing pulling up. The bows didn't last long either. haha
My lovely toy organization basket has now become a step stool. Fortunately, that thing is super sturdy!
I'd rather him not pull out all the dvds, but if he did it wouldn't be the end of the world. My greater concern is him slamming the doors and breaking the thin glass.Those doors now features some ever so attractive masking tape.
Ah, buttons! He managed to push the power button, which opened the disc drive and then he proceeded to remove the disc. That, too, now features some masking tape. haha.
His favorite activity is to try to climb the stairs! It's hard to tell from this photo, but the bottom of our stairs is configured in such a way that a standard gate doesn't work (we even bought an expensive one, but it didn't work and went back to the store). We're now searching online for a custom gate made for this kind of odd fittings. It won't be too much longer before he'll be able to fully climb the steps!
    The older he gets, the more fun he becomes. I just love watching him explore and interacting with him. It's just the best in life! And we've only just begun! :)


  1. Oh man how exciting and... Not exciting at the same time! So fun to see them discovering, but then knowing that he will never stay where you put him, or having to worry about your messes (totally guilty about that one too).... There they go again molding us into better people! Haha

    1. "molding us into better people" is exactly right! I've learned more lessons in maturity and selflessness through being a mama. Now that he's getting older and becoming so much more aware of everything, I'm constantly reminded that he's watching and learning from me. I wrote one time about loosing my patience and temper. Not to say that those moments don't happen, but they certainly don't happen as often. He may not be able to voice his understanding, but those eyes tell all. There are moments in which you stand back and look at yourself from his perspective. How would it be to see Mama in that manner? It's revealing. There are so many (idealistic) ways I want him to see his Mama. He's teaching me how to get there. Beautiful motherhood.

  2. Ha ha! That's funny about him "pooping a Christmas tree." :-) When my son started crawling and now walking/running around, I became more diligent about making sure that the floors were clean (and everything else). I am still a work in progress and I'll never be the Martha Stewart type, but at least I am trying! It is definitely easier to maintain things rather than let them slide and then it takes twice as much time to clean.

    We have 3 indoor cats and a small dog, so I try to vacuum every other day to keep up with any hair tumbleweeds. :-) Thankfully, my son doesn't seem to put things into his mouth. He does have a knack for finding the tiniest speck of paper or fur on the floor though. He'll actually bring it to me and I'll say, "thank you", and then we'll put it in the trash. I'm thankful for my little helper!

    Oh, and I hope that you can get that custom baby gate soon. Those are so helpful and can help ease your mind as your baby becomes more mobile. We have one to keep my son from finding "treasure" in the litter box room. Ha ha!

    Have a great night!

    ~~Sarah in GA~~

    P.S. Those photos are so adorable! Enjoy this new stage. :-)

    1. Yes, a mobile child is fantastic motivation for greater cleanliness. Though, I'll confess I don't vacuum as frequently as you. We don't have pets, and so I do pretty good to lug our heavy vacuum cleaner out once a week. (Is that bad?!) haha. :)

      We're still working on finding a gate. We can easily put a gate up to block off the kitchen. We can also put up a gate upstairs to prevent him from coming down. Preventing him from going up the stairs (and then falling down) is our biggest issues. We've joked that by the time we get gates up everywhere, we'll have our own in-home maze! haha :)

    2. Oh, no...that's not bad at all! :-) I imagine that if I didn't have pets, I wouldn't need to vacuum but maybe once every week or two. The only reason I try to vacuum so frequently is because cat and dog hair will get all over my son's clothes if I don't. And, I have a relatively small house, so that helps too.

      I think every homemaker knows what's best for her own home, in terms of cleaning, so I would just keep doing what works for your family. :-)

      ~~Sarah in GA~~


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