Monday, December 15, 2014

Kids Christmas Activity- Paint Bag

    When considering activities for our family's Christmas celebration this year, I really wanted to incorporate activities for Tennyson. At his age, sensory exploration activities are wonderful. This particular activity allows him to squish the paint underneath his hands and fingers, and combine the colors.  During play, I also stated the color names and pointed to each. I then used my finger to show him how to draw in the paints. He thoroughly enjoyed this little activity! We've pulled it out several times for him!
Mama tip: I found this simple activity really helpful as a table time activity. ("Table time activities" are those that can be done independently at the table, usually while I'm taking care of something else like cleaning up after a meal.) :)
  • quart freezer bag
  • red, green, and/or white paint (child safe is best)
  • masking tape
     Squirt some paint into the bag and seal to top. I added a bit of clear packaging tape over the seal of mine just to make sure it didn't leak. I then added masking tape along the edges to secure it to the table. Masking tape is great because it will hold without damaging surfaces. I could also remove the bag from the table and stick it somewhere else for him to play (such as a wall or the side of the refrigerator) multiple times.

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  1. Hi Whitney. That is a great idea! My son is older than yours but I think he would enjoy this, especially since he dislikes getting messy. :-)

    Thanks for the fun idea!

    ~~Sarah in GA~~


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