Friday, December 5, 2014

First Time for Everything

     Yesterday was the first time Tennyson has ever been cared for by anyone except Mama and Daddy. In 10 1/2 months, we've never left him! I had an OB apt that morning, and taking Tennyson along wasn't ideal. Normally David joins me for my appointments but he couldn't make it to this one. I wasn't confident that Tennyson would remain content to just sit in his carseat for the duration of the appointment if I brought him along. He's becoming more mobile and loves to explore. Healthcare facilities aren't the greatest places for little ones to openly explore, however. So, I asked a friend of mine to watch him during that time. She has a son who is just a few months older than Tennyson (though, their size difference would suggest otherwise!). I knew that Tennyson would enjoy the new environment, toys, and having another child to play with. Of course, I still wrote a lengthy note about his preferences and cried as we separated. He did really well, though. She said he didn't really fuss or become upset at any point. That is, until I went to pick him up. As soon as he saw me, he began alternating whimpering and grinning, as well as working as hard as he could to scoot/crawl/wiggle his way over to me. His response to seeing me was simultaneously so sad and sweet. The feeling was mutual!
     Playing together so well!
(Tennyson is 10 months and wears 9mo/12mo. His buddy is 13 months and wears 24mo/2T. Wow. haha!)
      The appointment went really well. "Little Bird" (our nickname for the new baby because preemies have those precious little baby bird eyes when they arrive) is doing well! The doctor initially had a bit of trouble finding him/her on the Doppler, but finally did. I suppose he/she was just hiding in a comfy spot in there! That moment did make my heart pause in fear. Just a week or so ago I had someone tell me that if I haven't been too sick, then that means hormones aren't high enough to support a pregnancy. Considering low progesterone runs in my family and I even had that happen with my first pregnancy prompting the need for prescription supplementation, the comment made me rather nervous. Fortunately, everything is just fine and I've just been blessed to not be as sick this time around. (Side note- Why in the world do people feel the need to share such comments to a pregnant woman?! Between my last pregnancy and this one, I've learned that people absolutely lose their minds around pregnant women because some of the most absurd comments and/or stories are shared.)
     Later that evening, we took our annual family Christmas photo. I love the ones of Tennyson! I can't decide which one to include in our Christmas card. I may use both! Ah, love that little face. :)

Merry Christmas!
     In other unrelated news, I finally deactivated my Facebook account this week. I had hesitated because although I could reactivate my personal page at any point I would permanently lose the page created for my original blog. That would lose about 727+ individual followers, and in a way it kind of felt like abandoning them after they've stuck by me for so long in following despite my inconsistencies in posting. Nevertheless, I needed to do what was best for me personally, my home and family. I must say it's been rather freeing. It's amazing to come to realize how much of life has transformed into being experienced through the filter or lens of Facebook posts. Interestingly, I've had people texting me to find out why I closed it and what's wrong. It's like I've done the unthinkable! A few have given me a "right on" kind of response. For the most part, though, the response has been that of shock and dismay. Goes to show how intertwined and dependent we've allowed life to become with social media (and for some, fully addicted). The break will be refreshing.


  1. What a sweet little guy he is! Love the photos of his adorable smile. I am so happy to hear your pregnancy is coming along well. Some pregnancies don't have a lot of sickness, and that is just fine:) I think it is more that if there IS sickness that is usually a good sign (rather than it being a bad sign if there isn't sickness, you know what I mean?). But yes, I also heard many horrible stories while I was pregnancy and wondered what people were thinking.
    Good for you deactivating your facebook account. My family would probably disown me, given that it is one of the only means I have with sharing photos and videos of the baby with them, but I often wondering if I should get rid of it....

    1. Thanks!

      One reason I kept Facebook was for keeping in touch with friends and family from back home. We don't have any family locally. They're all 10-14hrs away. However, there are other means of communication. I still have email, a phone which can receive calls and text messages, and we set up a Shutterfly Share Site specifically for sharing photos and video of our family. I felt like my communication bases were covered even without Facebook. If sharing photos and videos is your main reason for keeping Facebook, then may I recommend setting up a Shutterfly Share Site? (It also allows them to print whatever picture in whatever size they desire, so you don't have to keep up with who wants what). :)

  2. Good gravy...I wish some people would learn the art of keeping their mouth closed. I'm sorry that that one person's comment planted a seed of worry in your mind. That really wasn't helpful and if someone said that to me, I would not appreciate their negativity. Seeing as how you are taking care of your infant son, I consider it a blessing that you haven't had significant "morning" sickness.

    I love the nickname "Little Bird" for the little one you're carrying right now. When I was pregnant with my son, we always called him "Bean." Ha!

    Oh, and your Christmas photos are so precious. I love the first one of Tennyson, but the second one is equally as great because you can see his entire face. :-) You have a lovely family. Just think, next year at this time you will have another son or a daughter to include in your Christmas photo. What a blessing!

    ~~Sarah in GA~~

    1. "Bean" is cute. We called Tennyson "monkey." According to the old wives tale, lots of heartburn/digestive troubles means lots of hair. As much problems as I had, we joked that the baby would be covered in hair! Turns out, we were oh so wrong. Took him a bit to grow some hair! haha! We figure we're pretty safe with the bird description for a preemie. It won't be long, though, and we'll know the gender and be able to call him/her by name! :)


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