Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Big Food for a Big Man

Who'd want baby food when you could be eating steak,
carrots and potatoes like a big man?!
     Tennyson has suddenly decided that he's too big for baby food. So, we've begun to offer him a portion of our meals. He has really embraced feeding himself and is putting those four teeth to work! We've enjoyed getting to simply share our meals with him. Our little man is growing up!

     With him feeding himself, we've had to remind ourselves of a few things. It's so easy to fret over if he's eating enough or getting enough of a balance. We've seen from others how that fear can manifest itself into allowing the child to determine his/her own meal or snack times and food preferences (such as snack foods and other sugary foods and drinks). Our goal is for our children to learn to eat the same foods that we eat. We don't intend to provide "kids food" or prepare two separate meals. We eat balanced and whole foods, and we expect our children to do the same. We're resolved on two principles for avoiding a picky or demanding eater: 1) offer "adult food" instead of "kid food" from the very beginning and 2) a child will eat what is provided when hungry. Tennyson is still at a good age for this new stage because he is still getting milk as his main source of nutrition. I don't intend to force a switch from milk to solids as the primary nutrition, but allow him to do so himself as he gains greater skill with eating solids.

      It's an exciting time! It's so thrilling to watch him grow and develop. Each day I notice him gaining greater skills and more of his personality coming out. Him feeding himself is just one reminder that we surely have an emerging toddler on our hands now! :)


     After lunch we packed up and headed to my Dr.'s office for another shot session. Because of the holidays limiting the hours of the nearby office (30 mins. away), we're having to go to the main office which is an hour away. Fortunately, David has made arrangements with work to join me to keep up with Tennyson. I can take him with me to the nearby office, but not to the other one. Requiring him to remain in his carseat during the drive and office visit, as well as me carrying him between the parking garage and the office in his carseat is more than I can manage on my own. I'm so grateful David's job is understanding of our situation.

     I was really grateful to have David with me at this session. The thing about getting shots (or any medical procedure) is that the experience is entirely dependent on which medical personnel you get. The last time I went the nurse was so personable and treated me like a person who had value (This is rare!). I barely noticed her administer the shot or any lingering effect. I wasn't even all that sore. Today's nurse, however, was a different story. She was rather curt, and our roles of she being the esteemed nurse while I was merely the meaningless patient was well established to her. She had no interest in me as a person or in preserving my dignity. The shot...holy cow. I did my best to hold myself together until I got out of the office, but then couldn't help but cry all the way home. It hurts, and hours later I still feel like I'm on fire. Last week I felt encouraged that I could make it through this and even entertained the idea of future children. Currently, I'm feeling very discouraged, dreadful of the  eighteen more that lie ahead, and questioning ever going through all this again. To compound matters, we drove past where we took Bradley classes last time and I was instantly flooded with an overwhelming amount of grief for never being able to have a normal or natural pregnancy and delivery. I have no choice but be subjected to medical care and personnel, and frankly... it royally sucks. *Sigh* It's been a difficult afternoon. Thank goodness for Ben & Jerrys!

       I created a little countdown sheet for the shots. When it's something you dread, it's encouraging to have a visual of the end. Interestingly, each time I cross one off it not only marks one less shot week, but also one more week closer to the baby's arrival. It's incredible to have a visual of that end as well. Of course, there's a good chance that this baby will arrive earlier than that. Twenty shot weeks puts me at 35 weeks gestation, which would be an absolute miracle. It was a miracle enough that I carried to 33 weeks last time, so David and I are still planning for 33 weeks but hoping for 35. Either way, we're practically halfway there! Holy moly has time flown in this pregnancy!


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  1. Oh, Whitney, I am so sorry to hear that you had an uncaring nurse this time. I absolutely hate it when that happens and it always makes me wonder if that person was just having an "off" day or if they are always so unpleasant. Blah! I pray that you get a nurse who shows more kindness and compassion to you next time!

    That is such a blessing that your husband's employer is being so understanding about your situation. From personal experience, I know that some employers can be downright rude, unhelpful, and rigid in their policies.

    I think it is good to have a countdown sheet for your shots. As you mentioned, with each shot you are one week closer to meeting your baby. That wonderful "prize" of holding your baby in your arms and seeing him/her face to face awaits you. :-) All of the sacrifices you are making and going through are worth it! And, remember, not every week is going to be like it was this week. :-)

    I hope you have a great day and happy new year!

    ~~Sarah in GA~~


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