Thursday, December 11, 2014

Baby 2 Pregnancy Journal: 14 Weeks!

Taking these weekly pictures and writing posts
 on time was so much easier last time. Haha.
The 14 week mark was actually 12/6/14.
This baby deep inside of me, ever so small, is a child of God. A child that God gave to me to take care of whether for a day or for years. That care began at conception. Whether he or she lives or dies each day I am with him or her is a gift and has a purpose with eternal consequences. My baby is now a part of my life, my testimony. -Brenda Rodgers, "New Rules for Announcing a Pregnancy"

How far along: 14 weeks!

"more fluid-like in his movements ... Other developments this week include a roof of his own (inside his mouth, that is) as well as intestinal activity: His intestines are producing meconium (which is the waste that will make up his first bowel movement after birth). He is also sporting a downy coating of hair (lanugo) that keeps him nice and warm. "-What to Expect When You're Expecting, 4th Edition

Baby size:  "the size of your clenched fist" -What to Expect When You're Expecting, 4th Edition

Gender: We'll find out on Jan. 7th! (I decided that there was no way I was going to be caught unprepared again, and that includes knowing the gender for clothing (preemie clothing doesn't come gender neutral)). I think the baby is a girl (Annelise Michelle). David thinks it is a boy (Huxley Nathaniel). We shall see!
 Weight gain: According to my appt. this week I'm up to 120lbs. I started at around 116 or 117, so we're moving right along!
Belly: I still love seeing a baby belly. I love pregnant bellies and think they're absolutely beautiful. :)

Sleep: I feel like I sleep pretty well at night (though I still wake several times with Tennyson and/or needing to go to the restroom). However, I frequently wake feeling like I haven't rested much. I need to start making a greater effort of taking a nap during the day so that I can proceed with the day performing my jobs of wife and Mama more successfully. At least I know that I'm putting my best effort into getting adequate rest at night. I'm very grateful that David takes the night shift with Tennyson so that I can rest.
Symptoms: So far, the digestive issues and sickness that plagued me the entirety of my first pregnancy have not made their appearance to the same degree they did last time (and hopefully they won't because that was rough). I've still had some instances of digestion troubles. For the most part, though, I'm feeling pretty good!
     One new and weird symptom that has occurred is my feet widening. I've been having increasing problems with my feet. They've been so sore and painful to walk. I finally decided to go buy a really good pair of shoes. To my disbelief, I had to buy a wide! I usually have very narrow feet. Pregnancy can be so weird!

 Clothes: I recently placed an order at ThredUp for a few pairs of maternity pants. I was able to get three pairs of Gap maternity pants for only $41, which is much less than purchasing new in a store. Unfortunately, I guessed wrong on sizing, so I'll have to send them back and reorder. Even with shipping, though, it's still more affordable to buy from ThredUp than anywhere else. The only draw back is the time it takes for orders to arrive considering I'm clear across the country. I can't wait to have some properly fitting pants!
       The only other pieces I'm really needing to add are some camisoles. I have quite a few tops that I've not been able to wear because the neckline is so low. I understand that low necklines allow easy nursing access, but I don't necessarily need the girls out at all times. haha. I plan to go through my closet soon to make sure what I have is fully wearable and if not fill in the gaps.
       I've kind of made it more of a point this time around to go ahead and spend the money to have adequate clothing. I must say that it's much nicer (and I feel prettier in my growing size).
Movement: I actually did Pregnancy Fitness dvd one day! Okay, I did 20 minutes of it and then she said that they'd now be moving on to cardio. I was already feeling the workout, much less to have not even started cardio yet! I clearly rarely exercise to that extent because I was so sore for days afterwards. 
      Though I know I need to exercise more, I struggle most days for any extra energy to actually do so.  

Baby Movement: Sometimes I think I can feel him/her moving around in there. It's hard to describe, but kind of like a wave sensation. Now that I've had one, it's easier to detect baby movements second time around. I'm still looking forward to that first kick! Ah, I just love it!    

 Food aversions: Not sure. I still don't have as strong of a preference for meat and heavy meals, but that's pretty typical even when not pregnant.
Food cravings: I still love sweets far more than I should. (girl, girl, girl! ;) )

What I miss: Really good rest. I think I've forgotten what it's like to feel rested. Ah, the glorious life of a Mama. It's hard, but I love it.

What I'm excited about: I'm just thrilled beyond words for this little one. I read the size description and grinned with delight. Ah, he/she is getting so big! I'm so grateful for him/her!

     I got to hear his/her heartbeat on the doppler yesterday. There's nothing like the reassuring and joyful sound of your baby's heartbeat within you! I cannot express how grateful and excited I am for this little life.

What I'm nervous about:  I have to begin weekly shots in a couple of weeks. I've been on the phone with the drug company several times this week trying to get things arranged. Phew, is it a process to get this medication!
     I must say that I'm quite a bit nervous about it. In a nutshell, I will have to make the 1hr drive (round trip) to my dr. office each week to receive this IM (in the muscle injection) for the next 20 weeks. I'm nervous about the drive, potential side effects, constant injection site soreness, and financial burden. (It's about $700 per shot, and I need about 20 of them. Hoping and praying insurance will cover a significant portion of that! Though, David reminded me that the total is still not even half the cost of our two week NICU stay last time. Good golly). 
     Of course, I'm also conscientious of the fact that the baby receives all medication and interventions required. It's something that weighs heavy on my heart. Yet, I have to remind myself to have faith and trust. My struggles to have children renews in my heart just how precious this gift is and how little I wish to take it for granted. Despite all we must endure, I'm forever grateful for this little life.


  1. Thank you for the update! What a blessing to be feeling better, if tired, this time around. I'm also guessing you are having a girl. May I suggest you look into halftees? They are amazingly versatile for layering whether you are pregnant, nursing, or not. I love mine and plan to get more.

    1. I've looked into Halftees, but the expense is just way more than I can justify. I definitely couldn't afford a large stack of those (having an oversupply while nursing was super messy. I had to change frequently. hah). My plan is to purchase regular camisoles, cut the straps and sew on snaps to make them also work for nursing. Thanks for the suggestion though! :)

  2. Hi Whitney! I am guessing from your name choices, with Tennyson and now Huxley (if you have another son), that you and/or your husband enjoy reading. Am I right? :-) I am excited for you to find out the gender of your baby....only 3 weeks left!

    I'll be praying for you and your little one as you begin getting those weekly shots. I can't believe how expensive they are, wow! I hope that your insurance ends up covering most of that expense. I know that would be a blessing. Regardless, your precious baby is worth every cent!

    Oh, and I totally understand about the widening feet situation. That happened to me after giving birth, not during pregnancy. In fact, my shoe size went up a half size and now I have to buy a wide width too. I never thought that I would have to buy new shoes after having my son, but I've had to replace all of them. (Thankfully, I didn't have a big collection to begin with...maybe only 3 pairs). I tell my husband that my bigger feet just make a better foundation for me to stand on. Ha!

    Have a wonderful day!

    ~~Sarah in GA~~

    1. Yes, we've enjoyed a literature theme for names. Except, the literature theme didn't work well for girl names. We also looked to music for inspiration for names. "Annelise" was actually inspired by "Fur Elise." I wanted something a little more complex, and so we added "ann" to "elise.." All names also follow iambic pentameter. This may make us a little nerdy! lol

      Thank you for the prayers. I certainly appreciate them! One was answered today. Our insurance came back to say that our part would be $200. I just about fell over when I considered the total every month. Fortunately, I was able to talk to the drug company who has an assistance program, and our new amount will be $50. $50 is still a lot, but not near as much as the original amount. Thank goodness! Now, the tough part- actually getting them. Ouch! haha.

      My feet didn't swell or widen at all with my first pregnancy. Postpartum was a different story though. I experienced a huge fluid shift and my feet actually bubbled they became so large. The only shoe I could wear was my slingback the middle of January... in a snow storm... in PA. Ah, what a time. I'm hoping I don't have that extreme of a fluid shift this time. However, if it does happen I'm glad I'll be ready with shoes this time! haha :)


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