Thursday, November 20, 2014

Story Time & Other Activities

     Now that I have my own car again (hooray!), I've been eager to find activities for Tennyson. I would like for us to be able to get out of the house more during the weekdays. I think he'd really enjoy the change of scenery, having new things and places to explore, and being around other children. Some days, I need a break as well. If we can find some freebie activities then that would be even better.
      Today, we began attending the weekly story time event at the public library. Tennyson did fantastic sitting and listening to the stories. Afterwards, he and another child spent an hour playing in the play area. (The play area was fantastic!). Time got away from me, and so we didn't have time to look into getting a library card for checking out a pile of board books. Hopefully next time. If there is one area that I have spoiled Tennyson that has been books. I personally love books and, of course, hope to encourage him to develop a similar enjoyment. Too many children learn so early that stories come from a screen and subsequently lose appreciation for the great tales told in books. I'm excited for us to continue attending story time each week and he getting great exposure to the world of reading. I'm also excited for him to have access to such a wonderful play area. Play is important too! 
     Tomorrow is the "Tiny Tots" play group with the Moms Club. It's only the second time we've attended, but we've enjoyed it so far. It's so nice to have other mamas for me to connect with and for Tennyson to get to be around other children. Outlets are always healthy and help maintain balance in life.
     It's so good to have my own car again! I'm thrilled to be able to get out of the house more, especially when a change of scenery or relaxing break from daily routine is needed. Of course, now that I finally have my own car the weather has turned to being freezing. Loading and unloading a baby in the car in the bitter cold suddenly makes me desire to be a hermit and stay inside all winter. Haha.  Soon there will be ice and snow everywhere, and we will be staying inside more. For now, though, it's just cold. We'll bundle up and enjoy getting out to various activities while we can!
{Picture-less post again. Bummer. My camera finally died, but a new one arrives on Monday! (hooray!) I hate missing photo moments, or getting to share them alongside the stories. Soon, pictures will return here.}

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