Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Medical Marvel

     I had my first ob appointment today. Baby #2 is doing well! My heart instantly swelled with joy and eyes filled with tears at the sight and sound of that sweet, sweet heartbeat. I'm so grateful for this little person. I'm already so curious as to his/her appearance and personality. After having Tennyson, it's difficult to imagine any other combination of David and I. The running joke is that Tennyson is so laid-back and easy-going like his father, so this second baby will be more uptight and high-strung like Mama. haha. We shall see!

     I did learn some shocking information while at the appointment. What we thought was a septate uterine defect is, in fact, a full bicornuate uterine defect. I carried a baby to 33 weeks gestation and could potentially carry another baby even longer despite a full bicornuate! This is unheard of for this condition. It just doesn't happen. Bicornuates frequently miscarry or deliver micropreemies. I called my cousin, who is a nurse, and shared the discovery with her and she was just as shocked as I was. Medical marvel haha. 

    Although I absolutely miss midwife care and the natural approach, I am grateful to be under the care of a very capable MFM  (Maternal and Fetal Medicine ob specialist). He clearly had researched all aspects of my history prior to coming in the room, and entered with a plan. It will be rather.. involved. My "favorite" part is requiring injections every week beginning at sixteen weeks onward. I've heard these are a real doosy, too (wee!). There will also be frequent monitoring and tests. It's going to be a long road ahead, especially with continuing to care for the home and raising a toddler while also dealing with medication side effects (not to mention pregnancy symptoms too). I keep thinking of that little babe on the ultrasound screen, though. I'll do it. I'll make the sacrifices, endure the pain, and joyfully welcome this baby into this world. 

      That wasn't the only shocker though. The MFM believes we could potentially make it as far as 36 weeks gestation! Of course, there are a lot of factors at play. Growth restriction is likely again, and there will be a point at which delivery will be preferable.  Ultimately, when he/she runs out of space, then he/she runs out of space. 36 weeks would be fantastic though because that would mean would could bypass the separation and NICU stay (depending on the health of the baby). He also believes that there is potential that the baby could turn. (Tennyson was stuck and breech). If the baby turns and no other complications are present, then he's okay with allowing us to try a VBAC. Although, a VBAC would be highly risky, and in my case maybe not possible with the uneven and random bicornuate uterine contractions. Nonetheless, the potential for possibilities we've long accepted as impossible is thrilling. We've grown so accustomed to our abnormal "normal" that having an actual normal experience is honestly hard to imagine. I think above all, I'd love to have the baby be able to reach that 35 or 36 week mark, be healthy and be able to remain with me. I don't even care if it's a c-section or VBAC. That separation is unimaginably difficult. 

     So much will be a moment by moment situation. Fortunately, we've been here once before and so will know how to intervene and handle situations proactively. Though we did receive a big dose of hope today, we're still proceeding very cautiously. The fact of the matter is that I do have a defect that affects my ability to carry a baby. And I do have a very high chance of delivering early at any point in the pregnancy. We're excited and hoping/praying for the best, but we know the reality is that abnormal will always be our normal. I've just got to remain strong and focused. Once this little one is here with us, it will all be worthwhile. 


  1. Hi Whitney! The Lord is watching over you and your little one. I'm happy to hear that the baby is doing well and that you received good news at your appointment. I will continue to pray for a healthy and safe pregnancy/labor/delivery for you and your little one.

    I hope you have a wonderful day!

    ~~Sarah in GA~~

    1. Thanks, Sarah! My pregnancies and Tennyson's condition at birth all contradict what "should" be possible in the medical realm. If I didn't believe in God before all of this, I certainly would now. haha. He is definitely watching over all of us. :)


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