Monday, November 10, 2014

Goodbye, Facebook!

  Facebook was just starting to become popular during my freshman year of college. I considered it to just be a trend and resisted joining. Then, I transferred schools and longed to remain in close contact with my friends. So, I joined. Since then, Facebook has taken off and single-handedly transformed our entire society. It's absolutely amazing how present this one entity is in practically all aspects of life. 

     While there are positive aspects to it, I've become so aware of the overwhelming (yet widely accepted) number of negatives. I've noticed a breakdown in relationships. Interacting through a screen suffices instead of putting forth greater effort to make contact personal, albeit in person. I've noticed how social media creates almost an addiction response. For many individuals this screen and this site are the first things seen in the morning and last in the evenings. Even I have had to fight not logging on at least daily. I've also noticed with great dismay how guests within our home have logged on to Facebook with their device of choice. I've noticed a great demise in conduct and acceptable behaviors reflective in posts. I, myself, have at times felt like using this medium to rant whereas I wouldn't do so in "real life." Furthermore, in logging on to the world of Facebook, I've noticed a disconnecting from one's own life and entrance into the realm of concern for everyone else and everywhere else. Most of all, I think of the home and family life my children within which my children will grow up. How much attention and time will they witness Mama and Daddy directing towards a social media screen/world? Will they learn how to properly develop and invest in meaningful relationships with others? Will they truly learn to manage their time wisely through our example if we remain so distracted? Will they become driven by attention-seeking and instant-gratification? 

      While Facebook seems to be "just part of life" nowadays, I still weigh the pros and cons and question my participation. Honestly, I  rather desire a simpler life, one without Facebook and all that it entails. And so, as much as I've enjoyed connecting with friends, family and blog followers, I've decided to log off for now. I think this move will be refreshing. Plus, the next few months will be very busy (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Tennyson's 1st birthday, and continued preparations for baby 2), and I want to get so much accomplished. I know I'll be able to be much more productive without the Facebook distraction. Ultimately, my heart is for home and family. I want my attention and focus to be directed towards these entities most of all. 

     I'll probably reactivate later, but for now.... Goodbye, Facebook! :)

(No worries, I will still be apart of the blogging realm. :) )


  1. Hi Whitney. I don't think you'll regret getting rid of Facebook. I had one when I was first in college around 2004/2005, but then I cancelled my account a year or two later. Even as Facebook has grown in popularity, I don't miss it. On a side note, my husband has never had an account. Ha! Sometimes people think we're a little strange to be in our twenties and not have a Facebook page or even fancy cellphones (we prefer our home, landline phone), but that's okay with us. :-)

    ~~Sarah in GA~~

    1. Hi, Sarah! It is freeing to not have the Facebook clutter in my personal life. I haven't fully deactivated it yet, though. I'm hesitant to do so because then I won't have access to know what photos of my child are being posted online. (I personally feel that only the parent has the right to publish photos of their children online, but we have family members who disagree and do so anyways). This has become one reason I've grown to not care for Facebook and how it's transformed society/behaviors. I do wish there was a little less Facebook in life/society in general. Bravo to you for sticking with your personal convictions of not having a Facebook! I don't foresee my husband giving up Facebook any time soon, but that's his decision and not one I can make for him.

      We currently don't have fancy phones either (although, he does have one for work which he uses for non-work purposes as well). I do just fine in life without apps or internet everywhere I go. Unfortunately, it seems that phone companies do their best to get you to sign on to smart phones by making "dumb" phones really dumb. Thus, we haven't upgraded our phones or plan in a while. I will say though that the only reason I'd concede to having a fancy phone is for the ease of uploading photos. I tend to overload my phone with photos of a certain cute little face and then can't get them off easily! haha.

      It is funny how people consider you so far behind times and really look upon a low-tech lifestyle with such negativity. Honestly, I feel the low-tech way is by far more meaningful and satisfying way to live! I really don't feel like I'm missing out on anything truly important. :)

    2. I totally understand your concerns about knowing who is posting images of your child and what photos they are posting. Sometimes I am hesitant to share photos with family via email for that reason. I have no idea if they are forwarding the photos to others or posting them on social media sites. I've thought about just printing out the photos and mailing them to family, but I haven't done that yet. I know they could still post them online, but at least they would have to work a little harder to do so.

      I don't have a problem with cell phones in general, but I find them too intrusive for my daily life. I just have a TracFone for emergency purposes and to keep in contact with my husband if I go somewhere without him. I like the old days where people didn't expect to reach you 24/7. Like I tell my husband, the only one I expect to have a 24/7 connection to is God. :-)

      My pet peeve is with people who are so addicted to their phones that they can't put the phone down and interact with the people around them. Even when my in-laws visit from out of state, they are often glued to their devices. It drives me batty! Ha!

      ~~Sarah in GA~~


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