Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Room Switch

      We finally did it! We spent yesterday evening moving the computer desk and bookshelf to the alcove in our bedroom and moving Tennyson's crib into the second bedroom.

      He has done wonderfully in his own room!  Granted, I can't fully account for the night. He still wakes every hour or two, but is getting easier and quicker to get back to sleep. Hopefully getting him back to sleep will become faster and faster to the point that he'll not need us to rock or "shhh" him. Presently, though, the frequency is killer. I had a day or two recently in which I was so exhausted from the pregnancy and restless night with Tennyson that I physically felt ill. I carried headache all day. David and I then decided that he would take the nightshift with Tennyson because the current pattern of restlessness isn't healthy for the developing baby. I feel rather guilty for putting it all on him, but I must say I feel so much better today. I still need a little mid-day nap, but I am no where near the extreme fatigue that I had been feeling.

     There's still a lot of work that needs to be done to fully make it his room (but then later the "kids' room"). We had previously used the room as an office/craft space/storage space. I have a long list of items to sale. I'm excited to see the room become the "kids' room." Some time this month we'll work on diy curtain rods and purchasing curtains. Next month, we'll add a second crib to the room. Sometime in between then, I hope to find a dresser on Craigslist. I may also add a few new paintings to the wall. We'll see what time allows. I'm not decorating per say. I'm simply making the room functional. Nonetheless, I can't wait to see the room transform!

   A Few Pictures of Life:
We accomplished moving the furniture only. The stuff aspect of the room switch will have to wait until another time. Until then, our hallways looks a bit of a mess. A book mess isn't a bad mess, though!

My favorite early pregnancy snack- hardboiled egg wrapped in a dill pickle!

"Have you seen my carrot stick? I lost it somewhere."
I looked over to see his carrot stick stuck in his neck roll. He didn't act as though he even noticed it was there. haha!
He's becoming a master sitter! He can now be occupied for a time in the pack n' play with a few toys. This will be one idea for keeping him nearby and safe while I feed the next baby next year.
   In other news, I received excellent news regarding this pregnancy. I had low progesterone my last pregnancy and required a prescription. I was concerned about that being the case again and consequently having to suddenly stop nursing Tennyson. (Which would have been a nightmare because he hates bottles and barely tolerates a cup, as well as nurses to sleep. He likes the girls and the girls only. haha). progesterone level tested at a good range! Praise the Lord! The test for rising hcg (ie a "viable" pregnancy) also came back good. Hip Hip Hooray!

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