Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Flashback- Preparing for Baby #1 (Newborn Essentials List)

    I posted a list of desired items in preparation for our second baby recently. That list builds off the list I used for our first baby. I thought I might take the opportunity to share the "Preparing for Baby #1" list as well. 

    I took a minimalist approach to baby items with our first baby. I don't believe babies really need that much stuff. There is also not a tremendous amount of space in our home. Last, I needed to keep expenses affordable as we would be buying practically everything on our own.
     This list covers just the basics for newborn to one month old. The main area that is left off this list is feeding and toys. I figured I'd purchase a high chair and any items associated with feeding solid foods at that time. I also left toys to be purchased at a later time. Young infants are more fascinated and stimulated with their environment and direct interaction than toys. I later began purchasing one toy and book each month. I also haven't included postpartum items. At the time I had been preparing for a Bradley Method birth, and had a separate list for those items. However, I seem to have misplaced that list.

     If you're going to have showers or other occasions in which items might be purchased for you, then you may want to expand the list to cover the first six months or even the first year entirely. My focus had to be on getting what I could when I could for us.

    The funny part about this list- I made it on a Thursday morning and he arrived unexpectedly by Friday morning. I had been planning on having seven more weeks to get what we needed! Fortunately, we had a carseat. Everything else was a bit of a scramble.

      Thus, I highly recommend being fully prepared before the third trimester. If you're fortunate to have showers, then kindly request they be scheduled sooner than later. Trust me, it's stressful to have a baby arrive and barely anything prepared at home!

      I've listed the quantities we've used in parenthesis beside each item. I've also included the specific items we've purchased. There were several items that we didn't really need, and I've left those off the list. The items included are just the basics for a newborn based on my experience. I'll try to get the list reformatted into a chart later, which would be easier to read.

Newborn Essentials List
(Birth to One Month)
*One-piece sleepers (7)
*Newborn hats (2-3)
handmade by Grandma
*Onesies/outfits (7-14)
If baby is a heavy spitter-upper then more outfits are recommended
*Socks (3-6 pairs)
*Large blanket (1)
*Receiving blankets (3-6)
* Cloth diaper detergent (1-2)
Rockin Green
* Cloth diaper pail liner (1-2)
Planet Wise Diaper Pail Liner, Slate
* Travel wet bag (1)
Planet Wise Diaper Bag, Small, Monkey Fun print
* AIO cloth diapers (24)
Bum Genius Freetime All-in-One, One-Size, Snap Closure
* Changing pad (1)
Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad
* Changing pad cover (1-2)
Summer Ultra Plus Changing Pad Cover, Geo print
* Lotion/ointment
Burts Bees (not used with cloth diapers)
* Disposable diapers (2 boxes)
Huggies Snug and Dry
* Disposable wipes (3 packages)
Huggies Natural Care
* Diaper sprayer
FuzziBunz Diaper Sprayer, Chrome
* Diaper pail
* Baby wash
Burts Bees / Johnson and Johnson
* Baby shampoo
Burts Bees / Johnson and Johnson
* Baby lotion
Burts Bees / Johnson and Johnson
* Baby massage oil
Burts Bees
* Nursing pillow (1)
* Nursing pillow cover (1)
Handmade (not actually accomplished, but still hope to one day)
* Reusable cloth nursing pads (8-16)
* Disposable nursing pads (2 boxes)
* Breast pump
Medela Pump In Style Advanced (free to me due to preemie situation)
* Milk storage bags (2 boxes)
* Bibs (2-4)
* Bottles (3 if breastfeeding, 4-8 if bottle feeding)
Purchased LifeFactory, Used Dr Browns
* BottleNipples, stage 1 (3 or 4-8 depending on use)
Purchased LifeFactory, Used Dr Browns
* Bottle brush (1)
* Accessory brush (for the pump parts) (1)
* Nursing cover
Bizzy Babee Nursing Cover (The best nursing cover!)
* Burp cloths (7-14+, more if you have a heavy spitter-upper)
Gerber Birdseye Prefold Diapers
*Crib (1)
Ikea Sundvik crib, black-brown
* Mattress (1)
Sealy brand, Target
* Mattress pad (1)
* Fitted sheets (2)
* Baby monitor (1)
VTech Communications Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor
* Infant car seat
Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35 Car Seat, Tangerine
* Baby carrier or sling
Moby, Slate
* Stroller
Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35 Jogging Stroller, Tangerine
* Diaper bag
* Car mirror (1)
Brica Baby In-Sight Mirror, Gray
* Window shades
Brica Pop Open Cling Window Shade, 2 pack
* Healthcare/grooming kit
Safety 1st Deluxe Healthcare and Grooming Kit
* Thermometer
Nice to Have
* Bouncy seat
BabyTrend Musical Bouncer, Safari Kingdom
* Floor seat
* Toys
Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether
* Books


  1. This is a great list and had quite a few things I hadn"t thought of. I will have to refer to it when making my list. Thank you for posting it!

    Did you use a regular diaper pail for your cloth diapers? And how did that work out?

    1. Glad you found it to be helpful! :)

      I use a regular trash can with a cloth diaper pail liner. I have one trash can in the room for disposable products and one for cloth.

      Just a side note- I recommend having two cloth diaper pail liners so when one is in the wash the other can be in use. I originally only got one. :)


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