Sunday, September 21, 2014

Shopping spree ... consignment style!

    Twice a year an enormous consignment event is organized in my town. I got a preview of it during the spring, and then began saving for the fall event.  Unlike consignment stores that I've been to, this event has a huge selection of really nice (often namebrand!) clothing, toys and gear and the prices are much less. When the doors opened for shoppers...let's just say this Mama had some fun!

     It was great being able to just go through the racks and grab items up without worry of expense. (Most items are $3-4). My goal was to complete Tennyson's 9 month wardrobe, have his 12 month wardrobe nearly complete, and perhaps begin his 18 month clothes. Mission accomplished! I found lots of warm pieces that will be perfect for a PA winter! I also found a few pieces for myself (perks of still fitting into "teen" sizes at 28!).

     As a natural penny pincher, I felt a little in shock over the total spent. However, Tennyson has to have clothes to wear, especially warm clothes, and I would've spent a whole lot more if I had purchased things in a store. A friend of mine reassured me that I got some great deals, and shared with me that she had spend much more and gotten much less from her recent shopping at Carters. Phew!

Here's a list of my shopping finds:

  • Size 2 shoes $2.00 (brand new!)
  • Pants x2  (12-18 mo.) x2 - $8.00 Old Navy
  • Overalls (12-18 mo.) - $3.00 Old Navy
  • Pajamas x3 (12 mo.) - $11.00 Carters
  • Sweaters x2 (12 mo.) - $8.00 Children's Place
  • Plaid button front shirts x7 (12-18 mo.) - $27.00 Gap, Old Navy, Children's Place
  • Jackets, coats and raincoat x5 - $26 Talbots Kids, Faded Glory, Wendy Bellissimo, Old Navy, Gap (includes raincoat, hooded jacket, fleece jacket, 3-in-1 winter coat and wool coat)
  • Pajamas x5 (9 mo)- $16 Carters
  • Pants (9 mo). $2.00 Carters
  • Flannel button front shirts x2 (9 mo.) - $3.50
  • Long sleeve t-shirt (9 mo.) - $1.50 Carters
  • Fleece vest (9 mo.) - $2.00 Carters
  • {me} Plaid button front shirts - $28.00 Aeropostale, American Eagle ($6 Aeropostale shirt didn't fit)
  • {me} Wool peacoat - $12 Old Navy
  • {me} White puffy vest - $15 Gap  

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