Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Distractible Day

    Today can be summed up in just a couple of words- scattered and distracted. Granted, we had a rather short night with frequent awakenings by Tennyson, which is bound to leave my mind a bit disorganized. On days like today having a well-practiced schedule/routine becomes a lifesaver! I used a dry erase marker to mark off the daily tasks as we accomplish them. It's a necessary way to keep me on task. I don't think we'd get anything done without it! Even with the schedule at hand, it still took me until lunch to finish the first tasks of the day! We didn't even get to a walk with the stroller, which is a bummer since it won't be too much longer for us to get outside.
I'm so grateful for his cheerful disposition!
      We still had a good day together with lots of chatting and exploration during playtime on the floor. He's becoming increasingly mobile! Gone are the days of simply laying him on a blanket on the floor with some toys!

That tongue! Hahaha!

      My recent Amazon order arrived. (I love Amazon!). We have a big trip coming up soon and I wanted a few items to make it a bit easier for us. This will be our third long trip with Tennyson, and I've learned a few tricks for traveling with a baby. A new toy and/or book is always helpful to recapture his interest when he reaches the point of being over the car ride. For this trip I purchased the book, Winnie the Pooh's Book of Opposites. I think he'll enjoy the colorful animations on the pages. I also got him another Haba toy, the "Color Duo." He has the "Whirlygig" and loves it. Haba continues to impress me with the quality and creativity of their toys. This toy is no exception! I'm excited for him to get to manipulate and explore this little toy during the car ride. The challenge will be to not show them to him until the trip. I think I get just as excited to see him discover a new toy as he does! haha

     I also purchased a set of "Really Little Green Pouch(es)." I would like to continue to offer him our homemade foods even when traveling. Another reason for the pouches is that I have an idea that we'll spend few meal occasions at the cabin or at the appropriate time. So, I intend to prepare meals in these pouches and freeze them. Then, when I need one I simply allow to thaw and squirt it onto an attached spoon (which I still need to purchase). Now, I just need to determine the meals and start preparing them.

The day wrapped up nicely. David got off work early. He and Tennyson spent some time together while I ran an errand to Target to exchange some shirts. When I came back, Tennyson was taking a short nap and David was working on dinner- butternut squash risotto. (He wrote his recipe down for me, and so I'll share in a later post. It was delicious and perfect for fall!). We then went upstairs for bedtime storytime. I wish I could have captured the moment in a photo. All three of us were laying on the bed on our backs looking up at the book. We read several, but for the last one (The Little Engine that Could) we took turns reading the parts. We laughed so hard! I love the simple moments of life.

     So, at the end of the day I accomplished the main areas of our day- myself and Tennyson fully presentable in appearance, a load of laundry washed, folded/hung and put away, kitchen cleaned up after each meal and at the end of the day, lots of chatting and playtime with Tennyson, an errand completed, lovely dinner, and sweet family time moment reading stories and settling down for bed. It wasn't super productive and I will need to catch up on my weekly cleaning routine, but we all maintained a pleasant disposition and enjoyed each other's company. I'm calling it a success. (Though, I do hope my organized & diligent mind returns for tomorrow! haha)

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