Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Soaking Up the Sunshine

    One of my intentions for this blog is to use it as a journal to tell the story of our lives; that story will inevitably be a homemaking story. I've come to see an account of homemaking as not just the "how to ____" but also those stories of day to day life. Homemaking as a simple way of life, and how better to demonstrate that endeavor than to simply tell the stories.

    Tonight, I'm too weary to write and so I will simply share some photos of our day today. As I view these photos once more I'm reassured that our day wasn't a complete disaster. (We continue to struggle with an extreme level of sleep deprivation and resulting poor temperaments as well as other consequences). We had some great moments though. I pray that these are the moments we'll remember.

Our Day In Photos:

He spent the night in our bed last night, which is not ideal. But we were desperate for a little more rest. I love this picture of him peacefully sleeping

Awake and ready to explore.. everything!


He has such a fascination with my nose and mouth during nursing sessions!

Story time! Well..story time before he tried to eat the book. haha 

Playtime outside. Soaking up the sunshine while we still can!

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