Monday, August 25, 2014

A New Vision, A New Blog

     I miss writing. I miss sharing our lives and my homemaking journey. I've long been stuck unable to freely do so. In the few short years that I maintained the previous blog page, the blogging realm transformed. It became so competitive and judgmental. It became something I no longer desired to be a part of. Furthermore, having shared my page with friends and family I struggled to write anything without their opinions in mind. The writing stopped and the insecurities raged.

      And so, I had two options: 1) write a blog but keep it entirely private or 2) write a new blog that's public but not publicized. I decided upon the latter. I don't want to hide (option 1) entirely. I still enjoy the connections and ...honestly, the attention. I just don't want to be so bogged down with opinions and potential criticism.

     I've reached a point in which the audience can't be my purpose. I can't write what my audience wants to read. I can't speak for them. I can only honestly speak for myself, and that's my intention for this new blog page.

     My desire for this page is for it to be a personal journal of our journey in pursuing home and family through homemaking. It will chronicle the highs and lows of life and parenting. It will be a place where I can share honestly. It will be a space for me to share interests. Ultimately, it will be a place that I can enjoy the process and the product.



  1. This is what I want in blogging but the more I look into it the more I'm like ummmm maybe not

  2. I want to blog as well. But the more I look into it the more I am like ummm maybe not


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